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March 27, 2011

Spring Break '11 Is Rockin'

How can spring break get any better than to have it start on weaning day!

First order of business - move out the sows!

 How bad can it be when Dad lets you drive!

This one has a soft spot for the baby's but can work like a man!

"Weaning???  -- say what???"

Is it wrong that I love to watch (and take pics) of my kids working?
A sow weighs around 450 pounds - my two littles working here probably weigh 110 pounds together soaking wet!
I heard them say the funniest things to each other:

"She's turning on you Cole HOLD YOUR GROUND DON'T LET HER PAST YOU!"

"Emi Lou get your balls out of your purse and put them on don't let that sow push past you!"

then I heard Chris say this:
"Jent put the camera down and help!"

Then came the best part of the day - I got to go home and the kids had to wean 221 pigs by themselves!
No pics, well because I got to stay in the warm house!

Then My Cowgirl washed the farrowing barns - I am lovin' Spring Break - otherwise that could of been me!



  1. Nothing can beat practical experience. Right???

  2. Not fair. Three of my kids were gone last week and I realized just how much stuff they actually do around here!I was exhausted! ;)

  3. I LOVE watching kids work. Love. It. Not in violation of any real child labor laws, just in building a strong work ethic and character :)