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March 28, 2011

Tip & Tricks From Me To You

Today I am going to share with you some things I have learned over the years washing hog barns!

*Always  get the pressure washer that has hot water!  Don't draw attention to yourself, don't run for the barn (you wouldn't want to look to excited to do this job) but casually make a bee line for the pressure washer with the hot water - it makes the job a lot easier!

*Dress for the job - just because it is cold outside doesn't mean it will be chilly in the barn - working combined with steamy hot water makes for a fairly warm working environment - which brings me to  my next tip, always wear a bra - let's be honest your going to get wet and a wet t-shirt contest in a hog barn is not pretty - spring break or not!

*Be careful where you are pointing the pressure washer wand!  Water has to go somewhere and when you spray it into a feeder or corner that place is right back in your face- and that includes anything that it hits in the process - feed, manure and bits of re-hydrated afterbirth!

*When stepping in and out of crates always hold on to something!  When water is coming out of the wand at 3000psi and you are on one foot - it will knock you on your butt every time!

Take my tips and do with them as you please:  use them the next time you wash a barn or as you lay down tonight and say your prayers be thankful you are not me!

It just doesn't get any more real than this:


  1. I can only assume, by the photo, that these tips were remembered after you power washed the hog barn? Too funny!

  2. thanks for keepin' it real;0)

  3. Okay, you still look cute, actually. :)

    "a wet t-shirt contest in a hog barn is not pretty - spring break or not!"

    Best line of the day. Totally Tweet Worthy if you are so inclined.

  4. That was Brian (our son then 12) job. He always called it child abuse !!! But 20 years later he has since thanked us for teaching him work ethic !!

  5. Yes, I spent many hours power washing hog barns growing up. Now that I've been gone a while I don't mind going back and helping with most things with the pigs, but power washing is not something I will ever volunteer for. :-)

  6. Love it! So glad I'm not required to do any pressure washing!

  7. Not everyone is fond of cleaning barns, because it usually takes a lot of time and effort to finish. So your tips are very much appreciated, particularly on the proper way on using a pressure washer with hot water. Reading this is certainly better than learning it the hard way! Thanks!

    Rudy Swanson @ Haaker

  8. You see your neighbor Joe just bought himself a brand spanking new pressure washer. He out there all day cleaning everything in sight and he makes it looks easy.
    Well hold on there for a moment.
    Pressure Washing St. Louis

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your expensive tips and tricks. It`s really important for of all us. When I am washing my house I am very carefully handle it. This tips and tricks are also more important for me now. Thanks again!