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April 29, 2011

How Kids Go Wrong, By Casey Campbell

If you came to my mom’s blog for a speal about our life, and how hysterical it is to laugh at her kids you can just leave now. My dad keeps nagging me to write the “Mom of the year essay “Well after reading all the guidelines and such I decided to do this instead.
I have a good life. I didn’t or do much to earn the life I live but my mom keeps me anyways. To be honest if I had a kid like me it would magically disappear. But she has faith!
I don’t know how I went wrong, because the best mom in the whole wide world lives in my house.
She does not only qualify for the mom of the year award but she would take it defiantly.
Here are my statements.
1.   My mom is a taxi driver, but hates being called that, so we shall call her a chuffeur! She takes me to piano every Thursday, softball every Tuesday and Wednesday. Every single FFA thing on my agenda, 4-H, and to all of my friends houses and to pick them up if needed. I don’t know how she doesn’t get dizzy running us back and forth and all around town, but she has her balls out 24/7 and manages!
2.   My mom is COOL. Yes people! I did just use the “M” world with “cool” well that’s because she is. Polar pops and candy bars after school. Heck, we even make trips into town just for polar pops. My mom is the only mom in the world who would let us kids stay home just cause we don’t want to go to school that day! (We only get one of these days a year). Would YOUR mom let you skip school for a cow show? Maybe, this could be common, I don’t know!
3.   Her cookies. My mom is a great cook. But that does not mean she’s a short order cook! (we get this every night at dinner) My mom can make amazing homemade brownies, she has her own ice cream maker and she makes delicious ice cream. But the cookies she buys at Wal-Mart (the tear and bake kind) are the best. She just has a knack for cooking them. Instead of wonderful cakes and beautiful brownies, everybody wants her store bought cookies. Not everybody could pull off these cookies like she can, trust me.
4.   We I don’t hate her! (this is my mother’s day present so the other 2 are not getting any credit what-so-ever) Most teenagers hate their parents. Alas, I don’t. Rest be assured she knows everything most things about my life! She’s the person who I come home to draw out big long speeches about the drama that happened at school that day, or the person that I cry to when I’m emotionally unstable!
5.   I am an almost perfect carbon copy of her. We both laugh at the same stuff. Today in school I got a text saying “coming to get ya mate” Honestly I laughed and thought she was speaking pirate. So I sent back “aye aye captain!” But alas, she was speaking Australian! So I said we should go outback tonight and get polar pops with our sandywiches! Rest be assured 10 minutes later there was a polar pop in my hand!
6.   I have learned stuff from her, and she has learned stuff from me. I have learned that patience is a virtue! My mom does not have much patience and honestly it has made me gain some! And my mom has learned not to have kids from me!  We like to show our love around here <3
7.   She knows how to talk to people! My mom is not the mom that says, “its okay sweetie, you are perfect in my eyes!” **gag** She says “who is the b**** let’s take her down!!!” I tried counting the times my mom has called our school corporation to complain about something because of me, and it’s shown me that you can’t let people walk all over you! Unless you’re my mom, then you are the person walking over the people. (This is not a bad thing)
8.   She has never told me “it’s too dangerous”. Currently Cole and Sam are climbing a tree with a petal tractor and a chain. I guess they have not fallen out of a tree yet. They need this lesson! All us kids are told before we do something is “I’m not driving you to the hospital or calling 911 for you! Now, when we were little these were harsh words, sometimes making us stop doing the things we were going to do. But now we see that she will take us, it’s just a threat to maybe leave her alone? We’re not exactly sure!
9.   F is for friends who do stuff together. U is for U and me! N is for aNywhere and anytime at all down here on the great pig farrrmmm. (SpongeBob episode 10) My mother knows how to have fun! Giant toilets, ice skating, bonfires, parties, road trips! Are all a part of my daily life!
10.                I guess I should wrap up this list with a very lovely and sappy little, my mom teaches me life lessons every day, that’s what moms, are for bla, bla, bla. But my mom is more than just a mom, she’s my best friend and I wouldn’t trade her for anything or anybody in the world. All those times I said mean things to you, or didn’t do my chores I’m sorry. I try I really do. But no other mom would be as strict, fun, loving and caring than my mom. (She is caring people, I’m 95% sure she would take us to the hospital if we got hurt) She’s funny, hilarious to be exact. Well, either she’s funny or it’s just our life. I’m not sure which you people laugh at more. Anyways Thanks mom for all you do! You mean a lot to me!
So somehow, with all these things that she’s taught me and what she means to me, I’m not the best kid. But I should be, and I’ll try harder! I love you!
I’m not sure how this whole “post on her blog without her knowing” but I’m going to try it. I’m hoping I get some brownie badges and twinky points for this. But If you don’t hear back from me please visit me at my grave! 

I love you momma! 

April 28, 2011

Endorphin Impaired

or endorphinless, if you will!  I swear, it's true!  I abhor exercising anyway but when you don't get that kick, that high or adrenaline rush what's the point - well you know except being healthy and in-shape, whatever.  I do sometimes feel like maybe I should exercise - like when I put on a pair of jeans for the first time straight out of the dryer and I have to do the dance: pull your knees together and squeeze your butt to get them up and then the whole lunge motion to stretch them out and then the stand straight and tall, suck in your tummy to button and zip!  But when I feel like I might need to exercise I grab the closest snack I can find and sit quietly until the feeling goes away, it never lasts long and the snack takes my mind off of thinking about it!

 Don't think I haven't tried, currently sitting in my VHS/DVD cabinet is "Thin Thighs", "Great Buns", "Beach Body Workout", in my garage is an Ab Lounger, I have owned The Bun and Thigh Roller, cut mini workouts out of magazines and promised myself I was going to do it this time!

But I am trying again - that's right and just like everything else I do - I put no forethought into it I just signed up and went - brace yourself if you know me, I will pause afterward for hysterical laughter - ready -

pausing for effect


pausing for laughter

Disclaimer:  This post contains no pictures - that just  wouldn't be pretty.  Paul - just warning you now it you are reading this I can not be held responsible for any serious mental damage the rest of this post may cause you!

If you don't know what Zumba is - you can google it like my sister did and then call me and laugh hysterically and ask -  really?, what are you thinking?, I totally would of lost that bet - I can not picture you doing that?  At which point I told her "DON'T picture me doing Zumba - it isn't pretty", which then makes me wonder why they put giant floor to ceiling mirrors in a room that I am exercising in?

So a good friend of mine is teaching the class- Jill - she is sweet, beautiful and fun and I have known her her whole life - I used to babysit her and her sisters, now My Cowgirl babysits her daughter.  So I said 'what the hell" (out loud and to myself - I do that a lot), I called my Ginger (my neighbor, my really good friend who is always up for anything) who said "yeah sounds like fun" - uh yeah she gets endorphins!

It isn't easy - I lack coordination, I can't get my arms and legs to move together in a way that doesn't look like I am having a seizure.  There is also a lot of, well, shall we say bootie shaking and well my bootie wasn't made for that kind of shaking, oh it can shake - just not the pretty kind.  I find that I have to concentrate really hard so I watch Jill a lot, Jill's movements are very fluid, mine are a little more like, well, shall we say jello.  I have found myself concentrating so hard on Jill and following the movements that I think to myself suddenly "Oh my gosh, I am doing it" but than Jill changes the moves and I find that my "bootie" has gathered so much momentum that I can't get it stopped quick enough to glide elegantly into the next move. (sorry Paul for the image I told you not to read that I couldn't be held responsible for mental images)  Then there is the music - it is Latin (and forgive my lack of culture) and sounds Mexican to me, therefore by the third or fourth song I am craving a giant burrito (just what my jello bootie needs) and by the sixth or seventh song all I really want is a margarita and forget about having to go home and fix supper for the family!

But I have officially been 3 times now - and no endorphins!  Why you might wonder didn't I just get myself a snack and sit quietly until the feeling passed - well - quite frankly I don't know, I keep asking myself that and I haven't answered  yet - still waiting - so in the mean time I guess I will keep trying!  What I really wish is that you could lose weight two-stepping, that is dancing that I can do - give me a good lookin farmer/rancher/cowboy a night out with Chris and I will "exercise" till the cows come home (literally since my kids think they can come in the house)!

April 27, 2011

Identity Crisis

I found them in the house - she asked if she could take him up to her room - did I really have to specify that calves aren't allowed in the house?

Apparently everyone likes to chill on my porch!

April 26, 2011

I'm just sayin' . . .

. . .I don't keep a lock on the laundry room door - be my guest and help - but don't you dare just do your clothes, I wash your dirty clothes it won't hurt you do more than just yours!

. . .I am not a taxi cab, there is no meter in my truck!  Don't call or text me and say I need you to come get me "now", plan ahead, even if others don't, tell them your Mom refuses to let you go if she doesn't know what time she is supposed to pick you up!

. . .there is a trash can in the kitchen, it is red, it sits beside the counter, you have to walk right past it - throw your trash away.

. . .I don't care how late it is or that you are wearing pajamas, it is on the giant wall calendar when it is your night to feed - GET IT DONE, we are tired of reminding you!

. . .I have been to school - don't expect me to do your homework!  I am here to help not do it for you!

. . .I don't wear your shoes, they don't fit me!  So when you can't find them don't come crying to me, look for them, you wore them last - maybe you should try taking them off in the same spot every time or actually putting them away!

April 22, 2011

Beef That Will Melt In Your Mouth!

No really it will because these cows are made of chocolate!

The Johnson County Beef Jr. Beef Cattle Assoc. is sponsoring an open show this weekend and they are also having a bake sale to help raise additional money!

Remember this post  - Why . . . 
do I always have to make more work for myself?

So instead of just making some brownies or cookies I decided wouldn't chocolate shaped cows be awesome!  And they turned out really cute - but I only had 2 cookie cutters, 1 steer and 1 heifer - I made over 50 of these guys - it took a while!

But I do love the way they turned out and I hope they sell tomorrow!

I started with Wilton Candy Melts in all colors, melted them in the microwave and just kept filling the cookie cutter with the melted candy - different colors, different patterns, different breeds!

Shorthorn / Polled Hereford

Who doesn't love a black baldie?

Below is a purebred black Simmetal
Above - a purebred Angus!

Belted Galloway

And here we have the illusive and hard to breed Easter cows - pink and white choc. sprinkles!

Here they in their pasture of Easter grass, each one tied lovingly with a Grand Champion purple colored satin ribbon!

These little ones are from a candy mold I found on Branded Barn website at the end of last week - I e-mailed them said "Wow I love this and I so needed it yesterday" , she immediately e-mailed me back and said here is a Paypal invoice and I put them in the mail just now!  Seriously - that is service and they are perfect!

from the chocolate cow!

I just wish the "Easter Bunny" would of thought of making these because my kids would of loved these in their baskets!

Now I am off to the barn to wash cattle in this 45 degree wet rainy weather!  I am wearing the shirt my kids bought me that says "Show Mom - proud to say my kids were raised in a barn!"  only so that every time I hang my head in defeat and cold I can read my shirt and be reminded that this whole "let's show cattle" thing was entirely my idea!

Linked up to Verde Farm Friday - Check out everybody else!

April 20, 2011

Right Now

As I type I am sitting in our home barn - we'll see if this works - I have never had the computer in the barn, I rarely bring my cell phone out here, it just seems like a place they don't belong.

This is my view from my straw bale:

it is Raye in the chute "allowing" Luke to nurse!
not a good pic - was taken with the camera on the laptop

to my left is our "show string" eating breakfast!

I love this barn, it is old, always a mess, full of life (which includes mice and disgusting birds - I hate strongly dislike birds) and unfortunatly sometimes death, it is has story's (a lot we know, a lot we don't) but most of all it is ours!

Raye is not "taking" to the calf like we had hoped - she is allowing him to nurse when we halter and put her in the chute (she finally for the most part stopped kicking him in the head - at one point I seriously considered giving him an aspirin because he had to have a headache).  So for now anyway about 3 times a day I am milking a beef cow!  Our hopes were that she would adopt him so that when we put the cows and calves on summer pasture she wouldn't get fat.  When cows are caring for a calf and themselves on all you can eat pasture they tend to stay in much better "shape" - they are not putting all they eat into their own body's and therefore not storing as much fat - which in turn makes them easier to breed back.  At this point not sure if we are going to be able to trust Raye to feed this calf on her own.  Worst case scenerio right now is My Midget will have a bottle calf to love and we will watch Raye closely all summer on pasture.  At this point we are pretty sure we aren't selling her - she has had successful pregnancies and calves in the past, her calf was full term and seemed in good condition - not her fault it was backwards at birth - so she is a good cow and will rebreed her for next year.  I have said this "rebreed her for next year" several times the last few days and am always reminded of this video that has been floating around Facebook and some other blogs:

So God Made A Farmer - Paul Harvey

"God said I need somebody to sit up all night with a new born colt watch it die, dry his eyes and then say "Maybe next year"."

OK so now am I not only in my pajamas in my barn milking a beef cow typing on a computer but I am also crying!

Right now - the good, the bad, the ugly (you should see how messy my house is, how much rain we have had so no planting anytime soon and a very stressed hubs) - I LOVE MY LIFE!

April 18, 2011

The Rest Of The Story

My Midget cried herself to sleep Sat. night, Raye bawled all night - both made my heart ache!  But eventually we all went to sleep and then the sun came up - it is amazing what the sun coming up can do for your outlook.

I started the morning with a picture text from my favorite SIL:

It was Andi (5yrs old), my youngest niece, with her corn plant that I had helped her plant a week ago, she had cared for it, watered it and it had grown - she was so proud and I was so proud of her!

Then we all got ready for church, my youngest nephew was baptised!  What a great way to experience the larger picture and realize God's Blessing even when it seems tough!

While the morning did wonders for my heart and spirit, the afternoon just brought more hope.

Dr. Grandpa Mike (Dr. because he is a vet, Grandpa because is one of our kids best friends Grandpa, Mike because, well, his name is Mike) just happened to be visiting his beautiful daughter (Hi Emily) who just happens to be one of my best friends, came over and made sure Raye had passed her afterbirth, gave her some anti-biotic to prevent infection and ultimately gave her a clean bill of health.

Side note:  This is not the first time Dr. Gpa Mike has graciously offered his services to our rather small cattle herd, this is so much appreciated as large animal vets are few and far between in this area.  And truly who else's vet buys your drinks the night before to help drown your sorrows because you tag along with him and his daughter to The Willard!  Drinks and free vet services - WE LOVE YOU DR. GRANDPA MIKE!

Then came the call we had been anxiously awaiting - Kelsay Farms had a bull calf born first thing Sunday morning!  It took us all of 5 minutes to rush home from church and jump in the truck (in our Sunday best) and head over there to bring the little guy home!

I don't think I can adequately put into words how much I appreciate Amy, Liz and everyone at Kelsay Farms for their help, none of them hesitated for a moment in helping us.  When we got to the farm Liz and Russ were even there, they didn't have to be, it was Sunday at noon!  And while it is a family run farm and they are both active in the operation they could of just as easily let there herdsman help us. - I can only say that this says so much for what I have always believed - that Agriculture is a community that is always willing to lend a hand to each other.

"Com'on little guy get in that big trailer"
FYI this is Leah's BIL - He is the herdsman, what a great guy, helped us out on his day off and called us first thing Sunday morning when he found a calf that would be perfect for our use.

Liz spent some time with My Midget  - they talked, maybe a few tears, I heard some laughter and it ended with a big hug!
Later in the day My Midget came up to me and out of the blue said:
"You know Mom I feel a lot better after talking to Liz, she is really nice and pretty too!"

She and I rode in the trailer with "Luke" on the way home!

We started sitting on the straw bale - we haul a lot of hogs in this trailer and didn't have time to clean it out -so let's just say the floor was dirty!
But we weren't out of Kelsay's drive before she was on the floor in her Sunday best and snuggled up to her new calf.

Let's just say it was not the warm fuzzy love at first sight I was hoping for but

we did make contact!

And while Raye is not the most affectionate mother cow we have - she has stopped kicking him and does let him nurse - so for now we still have our fingers crossed!  And the love he isn't getting from his new 'momma' he is defiantly getting from the kids!

Life, death and God's Blessings all in one weekend!

April 16, 2011

I forgot to knock on wood.

I read about Polly on Two Maids A Milking the other day and my comment on the blog post was:

"Awww Liz I am so sorry - big hugs - this is one of my worst fears that the kids will have to experience with their cows. We are always honest with the kids and ourselves about what could happen and that that is part of life and life on a farm but quite honestly it still tears a person up when it happens. You, Polly and Russell are definatly in my prayers."

 and not that I honestly believe that knocking on wood would of made a difference, but I forgot to and that is the silly thing that popped into my head!

The day started out fine - 2 kids and a friend stayed here last night and 1 kid at the neighbors - I decided to head into town and get some donuts for breakfast.  Halfway to town I get the call "MOM Raye's (one of our cows) waterbag broke and we saw hooves" quickly followed by "but you have time to go ahead and go to town"  - they knew I was headed to get donuts!

I called the neighbors told them they could come down and bring my kid home as well, I picked up these 2 dolls and of course the donuts - back home to the barn and posted this as my Facebook status:

  "‎7 kids, donuts, milk in the barn sittin' on straw bales watchin' a cow calve - it couldn't get any better!"

and we waited!  But Raye (the cow) just couldn't get comfortable and her contractions were not regular, so we all decided to go in the house and let her work thru the initial stages of labor and get comfortable.  The kids were excellelant (all 7 of them), they asked about her, waited patiently and worried.  Chris and I kept checking her but she just wasn't getting the job done and we decided she needed a little help.  We told the kids that weren't ours to stay in the house but needed ours to help.  We gathered gloves, rope and a halter and headed out to the barn.  We worked with for a few minutes, discovered the calf was backwards and decided we needed more experienced help - a quick call to a friend, neighbor and dairy farmer Charlie, he quickly came to our rescue with a calf puller.  We hooked up the calves legs and proceeded to winch, eventually Raye layed down and we got the calf out - he had already died.

In a matter of seconds there was denial, hysterical crying and wimpering - then I composed myself and looked over at my kids - they were all 3 standing together hugging each other and tears were running down their faces.  We always tell the kids it is a possibility but for it to actually happen and your kids witness it is heart wrenching no matter how much you tell yourself you are prepared for it.  Luckily I have amazing friends who have amazing children - they handled us and their kids so well and their kids were respectful and sorry for our loss - those 4 other kids, ranging in age from 3-10 amazed me today with their maturity and sincerety in this situation.

I have said before that my kids never cease to amaze me and today was no different - they felt for each other and especially for My Midget (Raye is her cow and this was to be her calf).  My Cowgirl tucked her sister in with blankets and stuffed animals and told her if she needed anything to let her know and she would take care of her.  My lil' Farmer immediatly went to the garage and built a cross out of scrap wood, painted it and asked his sister to name the little calf so he could write it on the cross.

 'Little Bo's' cross will stay in the landscaping around my house for as long as the kids want!

And while we are fully aware of how truly blessed we as a family are, at least for today on this farm we are sad and heartbroken at the loss of this little calf.

My updated FaceBook status was:
 "Some lessons in life just suck ass - it is soo hard to watch your baby's cry and be heartbroken no matter how old they are."

My Cowgirl however posted this as her status:

"Living on a farm is tough. You just have to learn to gain from all experiences, good and bad ones. The bad ones just make you stronger.  You have to realize that life goes on. You can't let the past slow you down. :)"

April 15, 2011

Conversations With My Kids

Cole Age 4

I walk up the stairs and see Cole trying to load a 1/16th scale John Deere 4-wheel drive tractor onto a flatbed semi trailer toy:

Me:  Is your tractor broke down or are you selling it?

Cole: The damn thing has an oil leak again and they can't fix it here so I am taking it to the John Deere store!

TRUE STORY HIS EXACT WORDS -He obviously lives on a working farm and spends a lot of time around the equipment!  And he didn't get in trouble for cussing because I was trying not to laugh out loud and if my tractor had an oil leak AGAIN I would probably cuss too, so who could blame him!

April 12, 2011

I SOOOO NEED . . . .

...my afternoon Polar Pop - cubed ice, 1/2 Mt. Dew and 1/2 Diet Dew!

...sun and blue skies for more than one day at a time, I am not even picky about the temperature I just need the sun!

...these boots - OK maybe I want these boots but want or need they would make me feel better!

...to smell fresh plowed earth and tractor exhaust, to bounce around in a tractor cab, to get this Spring started!

April 11, 2011

Conversations With My Kids

Emi Lou Age 11

I had this conversation with Lou as she was sitting on the couch putting on her cowboy boots for school one morning:

Me: Emi Lou what are you doing?

Lou: Picking the dried cow crap off my boots (and dropping it on the floor)

Me: Well why are you doing it in the living room and dropping it on the floor?

Lou: MOM I can't wear them to school with cow crap on them!

But apparently it is OK to live in a house with it on the floor!!!!

April 7, 2011

Pulling Their Weight

Spring has sprung - and while we haven't started planting we have been cleaning fence rows!  This keeps trees and brush under control as they are constantly growing and creeping out into the fields and can also be hard on the equipment!

So last Saturday we loaded up the 4-wheelers, chains, kids along with the 4430 and bush hog and set out to clean fence rows on one of our farms!

The sky was so beautiful all day - really blue with white fluffy clouds!
But look at the dashboard of this farmers truck - marshmallows, honey & peanut butter (anybody know what that is for?), a self lighting torch, various gloves, plastic cups, a couple farm magazines, a Fast Line, at least 5 pocket knives, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves - just kidding on the last two, I think - I can't be positive about that though, now that I think about it!

Ah, yeah that is my boy in the pink coat on the four-wheeler on the right side!  He pulled the man card when we left the house and informed me he didn't need a coat - but 5 minutes in the open field on a 4-wheeler and he surrendered his man card for his sister's pink coat!

This was sooo FUN not safe!  I was "log" surfing while My lil' Farmer drove the tractor - the picture is not good because I was yelling for My Cowgirl to "hey look at me - take a pic" while she was driving the pick-up!   DON'T TRY THIS - as soon as she snapped the pic I busted my butt!

After 6 hours of work this was our pile!

I'll be perfectly honest - these 3 never cease to amaze me - they worked their butts off!
We told them we would buy them pizza in town to take home and eat for all their hard work -
their reaction: "Do you think we worked hard enough to get a 2 liter of coke too?"

I laughed and told 'em "Hell yeah you did"!