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April 22, 2011

Beef That Will Melt In Your Mouth!

No really it will because these cows are made of chocolate!

The Johnson County Beef Jr. Beef Cattle Assoc. is sponsoring an open show this weekend and they are also having a bake sale to help raise additional money!

Remember this post  - Why . . . 
do I always have to make more work for myself?

So instead of just making some brownies or cookies I decided wouldn't chocolate shaped cows be awesome!  And they turned out really cute - but I only had 2 cookie cutters, 1 steer and 1 heifer - I made over 50 of these guys - it took a while!

But I do love the way they turned out and I hope they sell tomorrow!

I started with Wilton Candy Melts in all colors, melted them in the microwave and just kept filling the cookie cutter with the melted candy - different colors, different patterns, different breeds!

Shorthorn / Polled Hereford

Who doesn't love a black baldie?

Below is a purebred black Simmetal
Above - a purebred Angus!

Belted Galloway

And here we have the illusive and hard to breed Easter cows - pink and white choc. sprinkles!

Here they in their pasture of Easter grass, each one tied lovingly with a Grand Champion purple colored satin ribbon!

These little ones are from a candy mold I found on Branded Barn website at the end of last week - I e-mailed them said "Wow I love this and I so needed it yesterday" , she immediately e-mailed me back and said here is a Paypal invoice and I put them in the mail just now!  Seriously - that is service and they are perfect!

from the chocolate cow!

I just wish the "Easter Bunny" would of thought of making these because my kids would of loved these in their baskets!

Now I am off to the barn to wash cattle in this 45 degree wet rainy weather!  I am wearing the shirt my kids bought me that says "Show Mom - proud to say my kids were raised in a barn!"  only so that every time I hang my head in defeat and cold I can read my shirt and be reminded that this whole "let's show cattle" thing was entirely my idea!

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  1. These are adorable! Good luck with the bake sale. And Happy Easter to you and yours!

  2. i couldn't get some of the photos to load (blogger or internet issues today!) but the ones i could see are adorable! you're very creative and i'd buy one (or 9) if i was there!

  3. They look so cute and I would love to "borrow" the idea for pigs. Do they taste good? I tried some pink Wilton wafers and they were nasty.

  4. Those are AWESOME! My brother and I made candies from the wafers years ago; it IS a LOT of work! Great job! Love your creativity.

  5. Those are SUPER cute, but where's the Jerseys? You can't have MILK chocolate w/o a MILK cow!

  6. How adorable! Of course they will all sell and be the hit of the event!

  7. They would be perfect if they were goats!

  8. Wow they re so neat I would buy them for my Easter bunnies. I am sure you will sell all of them Great Idea

  9. Cute, cute, cute!!! These sure do look yummy:9

  10. So adorable, and super creative! I'm impressed!!

  11. You are so creative!

    Hope you survived washing cattle and that your shirt helped your spirit!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built