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April 11, 2011

Conversations With My Kids

Emi Lou Age 11

I had this conversation with Lou as she was sitting on the couch putting on her cowboy boots for school one morning:

Me: Emi Lou what are you doing?

Lou: Picking the dried cow crap off my boots (and dropping it on the floor)

Me: Well why are you doing it in the living room and dropping it on the floor?

Lou: MOM I can't wear them to school with cow crap on them!

But apparently it is OK to live in a house with it on the floor!!!!


  1. She made goods sense. Seemed right to her

  2. Oh boy, I can just imagine what my daughter will say when she is pre-teen!

  3. I sooooo understand that conversation! People get all worried when they wear their shoes into my house, and most days (not the rainy, muddy ones), I just laugh and say, "Seriously? Do you know what comes into my house from the barn?"

    A funny side story: I was teaching class, in a newly remodeled classroom WITH carpet, and in my first hour class were several farm kids. One really sweet guy seemed to have been in a hurry that day and wore his chore boots to school. It was winter, so it took a while, but they finally started to thaw out. He was from a hog farm. It wasn't a pretty smell, so I asked him to go change his boots. (He was also an athlete, and I was pretty sure he had a pair of tennis shoes somewhere in the building!) He kind of got mad at me, but I told him, "Hey, you are going to leave class in a little while, but I am going to have to smell that all day and probably more!" (NO Windows to air anything out!) Bless his heart! ;-)

  4. We totally live this at our house with our 13 year old son. And we are a wear your shoes in the house family. But muddy boots I like to stay in the MUD room. :) Doesnt always happen!