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April 28, 2011

Endorphin Impaired

or endorphinless, if you will!  I swear, it's true!  I abhor exercising anyway but when you don't get that kick, that high or adrenaline rush what's the point - well you know except being healthy and in-shape, whatever.  I do sometimes feel like maybe I should exercise - like when I put on a pair of jeans for the first time straight out of the dryer and I have to do the dance: pull your knees together and squeeze your butt to get them up and then the whole lunge motion to stretch them out and then the stand straight and tall, suck in your tummy to button and zip!  But when I feel like I might need to exercise I grab the closest snack I can find and sit quietly until the feeling goes away, it never lasts long and the snack takes my mind off of thinking about it!

 Don't think I haven't tried, currently sitting in my VHS/DVD cabinet is "Thin Thighs", "Great Buns", "Beach Body Workout", in my garage is an Ab Lounger, I have owned The Bun and Thigh Roller, cut mini workouts out of magazines and promised myself I was going to do it this time!

But I am trying again - that's right and just like everything else I do - I put no forethought into it I just signed up and went - brace yourself if you know me, I will pause afterward for hysterical laughter - ready -

pausing for effect


pausing for laughter

Disclaimer:  This post contains no pictures - that just  wouldn't be pretty.  Paul - just warning you now it you are reading this I can not be held responsible for any serious mental damage the rest of this post may cause you!

If you don't know what Zumba is - you can google it like my sister did and then call me and laugh hysterically and ask -  really?, what are you thinking?, I totally would of lost that bet - I can not picture you doing that?  At which point I told her "DON'T picture me doing Zumba - it isn't pretty", which then makes me wonder why they put giant floor to ceiling mirrors in a room that I am exercising in?

So a good friend of mine is teaching the class- Jill - she is sweet, beautiful and fun and I have known her her whole life - I used to babysit her and her sisters, now My Cowgirl babysits her daughter.  So I said 'what the hell" (out loud and to myself - I do that a lot), I called my Ginger (my neighbor, my really good friend who is always up for anything) who said "yeah sounds like fun" - uh yeah she gets endorphins!

It isn't easy - I lack coordination, I can't get my arms and legs to move together in a way that doesn't look like I am having a seizure.  There is also a lot of, well, shall we say bootie shaking and well my bootie wasn't made for that kind of shaking, oh it can shake - just not the pretty kind.  I find that I have to concentrate really hard so I watch Jill a lot, Jill's movements are very fluid, mine are a little more like, well, shall we say jello.  I have found myself concentrating so hard on Jill and following the movements that I think to myself suddenly "Oh my gosh, I am doing it" but than Jill changes the moves and I find that my "bootie" has gathered so much momentum that I can't get it stopped quick enough to glide elegantly into the next move. (sorry Paul for the image I told you not to read that I couldn't be held responsible for mental images)  Then there is the music - it is Latin (and forgive my lack of culture) and sounds Mexican to me, therefore by the third or fourth song I am craving a giant burrito (just what my jello bootie needs) and by the sixth or seventh song all I really want is a margarita and forget about having to go home and fix supper for the family!

But I have officially been 3 times now - and no endorphins!  Why you might wonder didn't I just get myself a snack and sit quietly until the feeling passed - well - quite frankly I don't know, I keep asking myself that and I haven't answered  yet - still waiting - so in the mean time I guess I will keep trying!  What I really wish is that you could lose weight two-stepping, that is dancing that I can do - give me a good lookin farmer/rancher/cowboy a night out with Chris and I will "exercise" till the cows come home (literally since my kids think they can come in the house)!


  1. I had to laugh out loud at this...and I needed that! Do not take these traits too seriously, you can only work with what you inherit from your mother, not be responsible for it. Hoping you are enjoying the company, the laughter, and getting in shape. Fair time is around the corner, and you will need all the strength you can muster.

  2. I did Zumba over the winter months and LOVED it. Just can't seem to work it in to my schedule now, and I have the Wii Zumba tape at home! UGH!

    I seriously think we should have a RFOA Biggest Loser contest! I need a good challenge to get my willpower back in order!

    YOU GO GIRL! ( Love the "pants dance" and am doing it quite too often myself these days ;-(()

  3. I didn't inherit any of these traits from my mother... I got them all from my father... And that's not pretty...

    Good for you! I've been saying that I am going to get back on the exercise train for a while here and haven't quite made it yet.

  4. So funny! This morning I came up with the realization that I need to start doing some cardiovascular workouts because I about had a heart attack getting the 15 kids and 5 adult goats off the road and back where they belonged. So shake that booty and have some fun!

  5. I love this post! I don't get endorphins from running, but I do from aerobics like Zumba! Love it!