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April 29, 2011

How Kids Go Wrong, By Casey Campbell

If you came to my mom’s blog for a speal about our life, and how hysterical it is to laugh at her kids you can just leave now. My dad keeps nagging me to write the “Mom of the year essay “Well after reading all the guidelines and such I decided to do this instead.
I have a good life. I didn’t or do much to earn the life I live but my mom keeps me anyways. To be honest if I had a kid like me it would magically disappear. But she has faith!
I don’t know how I went wrong, because the best mom in the whole wide world lives in my house.
She does not only qualify for the mom of the year award but she would take it defiantly.
Here are my statements.
1.   My mom is a taxi driver, but hates being called that, so we shall call her a chuffeur! She takes me to piano every Thursday, softball every Tuesday and Wednesday. Every single FFA thing on my agenda, 4-H, and to all of my friends houses and to pick them up if needed. I don’t know how she doesn’t get dizzy running us back and forth and all around town, but she has her balls out 24/7 and manages!
2.   My mom is COOL. Yes people! I did just use the “M” world with “cool” well that’s because she is. Polar pops and candy bars after school. Heck, we even make trips into town just for polar pops. My mom is the only mom in the world who would let us kids stay home just cause we don’t want to go to school that day! (We only get one of these days a year). Would YOUR mom let you skip school for a cow show? Maybe, this could be common, I don’t know!
3.   Her cookies. My mom is a great cook. But that does not mean she’s a short order cook! (we get this every night at dinner) My mom can make amazing homemade brownies, she has her own ice cream maker and she makes delicious ice cream. But the cookies she buys at Wal-Mart (the tear and bake kind) are the best. She just has a knack for cooking them. Instead of wonderful cakes and beautiful brownies, everybody wants her store bought cookies. Not everybody could pull off these cookies like she can, trust me.
4.   We I don’t hate her! (this is my mother’s day present so the other 2 are not getting any credit what-so-ever) Most teenagers hate their parents. Alas, I don’t. Rest be assured she knows everything most things about my life! She’s the person who I come home to draw out big long speeches about the drama that happened at school that day, or the person that I cry to when I’m emotionally unstable!
5.   I am an almost perfect carbon copy of her. We both laugh at the same stuff. Today in school I got a text saying “coming to get ya mate” Honestly I laughed and thought she was speaking pirate. So I sent back “aye aye captain!” But alas, she was speaking Australian! So I said we should go outback tonight and get polar pops with our sandywiches! Rest be assured 10 minutes later there was a polar pop in my hand!
6.   I have learned stuff from her, and she has learned stuff from me. I have learned that patience is a virtue! My mom does not have much patience and honestly it has made me gain some! And my mom has learned not to have kids from me!  We like to show our love around here <3
7.   She knows how to talk to people! My mom is not the mom that says, “its okay sweetie, you are perfect in my eyes!” **gag** She says “who is the b**** let’s take her down!!!” I tried counting the times my mom has called our school corporation to complain about something because of me, and it’s shown me that you can’t let people walk all over you! Unless you’re my mom, then you are the person walking over the people. (This is not a bad thing)
8.   She has never told me “it’s too dangerous”. Currently Cole and Sam are climbing a tree with a petal tractor and a chain. I guess they have not fallen out of a tree yet. They need this lesson! All us kids are told before we do something is “I’m not driving you to the hospital or calling 911 for you! Now, when we were little these were harsh words, sometimes making us stop doing the things we were going to do. But now we see that she will take us, it’s just a threat to maybe leave her alone? We’re not exactly sure!
9.   F is for friends who do stuff together. U is for U and me! N is for aNywhere and anytime at all down here on the great pig farrrmmm. (SpongeBob episode 10) My mother knows how to have fun! Giant toilets, ice skating, bonfires, parties, road trips! Are all a part of my daily life!
10.                I guess I should wrap up this list with a very lovely and sappy little, my mom teaches me life lessons every day, that’s what moms, are for bla, bla, bla. But my mom is more than just a mom, she’s my best friend and I wouldn’t trade her for anything or anybody in the world. All those times I said mean things to you, or didn’t do my chores I’m sorry. I try I really do. But no other mom would be as strict, fun, loving and caring than my mom. (She is caring people, I’m 95% sure she would take us to the hospital if we got hurt) She’s funny, hilarious to be exact. Well, either she’s funny or it’s just our life. I’m not sure which you people laugh at more. Anyways Thanks mom for all you do! You mean a lot to me!
So somehow, with all these things that she’s taught me and what she means to me, I’m not the best kid. But I should be, and I’ll try harder! I love you!
I’m not sure how this whole “post on her blog without her knowing” but I’m going to try it. I’m hoping I get some brownie badges and twinky points for this. But If you don’t hear back from me please visit me at my grave! 

I love you momma! 


  1. Oh I think you can count on some brownies (the real deal AND points!) Being a Mom is the best and toughest job on the planet. Glad to know she's got it under control! ;-)

  2. You have definitely inherited your mom's gift for telling a story! Great "guest blog", Casey!!

  3. love it! sounds like you've got a great respect for your mom - and sounds like it's well deserved!

  4. Casey you are lucky to have a MOM that has made you feel like you do.

  5. I hope when my girls are your age, we're as close as I know you and your mom are. And, you're still our favorite babysitter!

  6. This is something to cherish. Best Mother's Day gift EVER!

  7. How wonderful! Certainly a Mother's Day gift she will treasure.

  8. Well written! You definitely have your mom's sense of humor - the best trait you could get from her!

  9. Casey: I only hope my daughters would say the same things about me. (But we're still living in the hateful stage, so I doubt it.)