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April 1, 2011

Please "LIKE" Us

I was lucky, I never had to change schools - I was never the "new" kid!  But quite honestly I feel that way when it comes to "social media"!  It is soooo hard to put yourself out there wanting and hoping that people will "LIKE" you!

I created a Facebook Page for our farm: 

This was easy for me - I was/am promoting Chris, our farm, our family, agriculture and our way of life!  It also helped Chris to get a handle on all the work he does!  He is always telling me he doesn't feel like he get anything accomplished on his lists - he seems to be always just putting out "fires" - so I thought this would be a good way to keep track of all the work he does do and that while not everything on his list is always crossed off putting out "fires" is work that has to be done also.

Then a couple of weeks ago I went out on a limb (at least for me) and created a page for my blog!

From My Front Porch  

I am not much of a self promoter so this was a huge step for me!  And now I don't know how to get people to "LIKE" me - so I am blogging about it and one of two things will happen:  If anyone is reading this you will feel sorry for me and go "LIKE" my page or No one is reading this and I am basically promoting myself to myself which is really the only person I feel comfortable promoting myself too!

But on the off chance someone else is reading this and you want to "LIKE" one or both of my Facebook pages I would be eternally grateful and if you have one and want me to "LIKE" you back drop me a line and I will be glad too!

So here is to my next big step into the social media world which is sooo outside my comfort zone but at least I can do it from the comfort of my own home and in my pajamas if I want too!


  1. I LIKE you, but I don't have a facebook account....just make a mental note that Sarah @ This Farm Family's Life likes you!;0)

  2. I like you, I do! But, I think you already knew that ;-)

  3. I like you and I will check out the Facebook page as I have one also

  4. I like you and facebook is such an amazing tool Would love for you to like our Verde Farm facebook page too :)