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April 7, 2011

Pulling Their Weight

Spring has sprung - and while we haven't started planting we have been cleaning fence rows!  This keeps trees and brush under control as they are constantly growing and creeping out into the fields and can also be hard on the equipment!

So last Saturday we loaded up the 4-wheelers, chains, kids along with the 4430 and bush hog and set out to clean fence rows on one of our farms!

The sky was so beautiful all day - really blue with white fluffy clouds!
But look at the dashboard of this farmers truck - marshmallows, honey & peanut butter (anybody know what that is for?), a self lighting torch, various gloves, plastic cups, a couple farm magazines, a Fast Line, at least 5 pocket knives, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves - just kidding on the last two, I think - I can't be positive about that though, now that I think about it!

Ah, yeah that is my boy in the pink coat on the four-wheeler on the right side!  He pulled the man card when we left the house and informed me he didn't need a coat - but 5 minutes in the open field on a 4-wheeler and he surrendered his man card for his sister's pink coat!

This was sooo FUN not safe!  I was "log" surfing while My lil' Farmer drove the tractor - the picture is not good because I was yelling for My Cowgirl to "hey look at me - take a pic" while she was driving the pick-up!   DON'T TRY THIS - as soon as she snapped the pic I busted my butt!

After 6 hours of work this was our pile!

I'll be perfectly honest - these 3 never cease to amaze me - they worked their butts off!
We told them we would buy them pizza in town to take home and eat for all their hard work -
their reaction: "Do you think we worked hard enough to get a 2 liter of coke too?"

I laughed and told 'em "Hell yeah you did"!


  1. Ohhh the pictures are great!!!

    And yes the definatly deserved their coke! haha


  2. I just heart your blog. That is all. ;)

  3. Great photos and I'm lovin' that pink coat on your boy:)

  4. A man (or boy) has to do what a man/boy has to do! I'm impressed with your crew and your mammoth pile of brush. Maybe you guys hire out? I'm glad your typing fingers weren't harmed in the fall after log surfing.

  5. Yum pizza and coke sound good to me. I'll help you clean fence rows for that!

  6. If you hire them out, I think my dad has some fencerows that need attention. Will they work for chocolate chip cookies?

  7. LOL! I was staring so hard at the dash board photo, trying to see if those really were marshmallows... guess I should have just kept on reading! You never know what you will find on the dash or floor board of a farmers truck! Sometimes, you don't even want to know! ;)

  8. What a productive day! I think pizza and pop were certainly earned!

  9. Oh, what I'd give to live on a farm! My hubby is too city for farming, so I knew in the beginning it wasn't going to happen. But I had hoped!
    Your photos are beautiful. You've got some great kids there! Great family!

  10. Log surfing? You are too funny! Loved the picture of the farmer's truck dash. That's about the same theme of Tall Guy's truck! Looks like we have a good work ethic going and growing here! Awesome job!

  11. Featured you today on www.GOODEnessGracious.com