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May 18, 2011

Bring me my brown pants!

I have a sister, I love my sister - it only took me 20 years and 900 miles to learn this!  We spent the majority of our childhood at each others throats or as our younger brother would say "butt fighting" - but then he was also the one running down the hall as a small child yelling "I get to cut the cheese"!

My sister is always there for me (well expcept during tax season) all I have to do is call!  So today when I was an emotional wreck (sprinkling, overcast, cold, planter not moving) I decided to give her a call, because she always listens to me whine and feel sorry for myself!

The conversation started like this:

Her: Hello

Me:  Hey (very low and depressed) whatcha doin?

Her: Nothin'!  I was going to call you today but figured you guys were in the field and you were busy!

Me:  Not hardly, it's rainy, cold, wet, overcast blah blah blah blah blah

Her:  So has Chris asked for his brown pants yet?

That's all it took - I burst out laughing, the tension melted and the depression lifted (it was either what she said or the meds kicked in) - there is nothing like a good "potty" joke to make me smile!

This joke is a family favorite, My lil' Farmer has been telling it since he was 5! 
I laugh EVERY time!

So I called Chris and asked if he was ready for his brown pants and he assured me he wasn't - I on the otherhand am pretty sure my brown pants are in for a workout if we don't get back in the field soon!


  1. Oh my goodness...that is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! I'm still laughing!

  2. So cute, I can see why you laugh. It would make me get out of the blues every time.

  3. So funny! That would go viral on u-tube!

  4. silliness! :) but hey, it got YOU laughing when you needed it!

  5. Even funnier when told in his little high pitched voice! Don't worry, it's supposed to warm up soon!

  6. lol...we are all practically rolling on the floor here in my office over that one! :)

  7. Too Cute! Praying that you get in the field soon! We just got back in after trying yesterday and deciding it was too wet. It's going to be another long night, but we will hopefully get to put the bean units on tomorrow afternoon. HUGS!

  8. That's really funny!
    I used to have a boss who was a former paratrooper. I used to always ask him: "What do you need to jump out of an airplane?"
    He'd always say (after hearing it 65 times): "Yeah, yeah. A parachute and a brown pair of pants."
    Nuttin' like a good ol' potty joke!
    (And I still giggle when I'm in a dairy plant and some talks about "cutting the cheese".)

  9. Hysterical!! I love it! Love it! I am using it next time I am at a party and need a good joke!