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May 11, 2011

Conversations With My Kids!

Casey (aka My Cowgirl) Age 15

The other day she walked in the door and says to me in all seriousness:

"Oh my gosh Mom you know Kanga on Winnie The Pooh?  She has the little kangaroo baby named Roo?  When you put Kanga's name with Roo's name it is kangaroo!!!!!  Isn't that cool?"

I gave her a blank look and walked away!  It was either that or call her a moron - I chose to walk away and then mock her publicly on the my blog!

OK not so much a conversation but she really did say it!


  1. Oh my! I have so much to look forward too in just a few years! :-) They are profound creatures aren't they?

  2. Dang! That should have been "to." I spent too much time out of the air conditioning today. Hope you were able to play in the dirt some and maybe get some spraying done.

  3. Isn't it fun! My son was so proud he could tell me where the ganders got their names, Wilbur and Orville. Yep, from The Rescuers; it had nothing to do with the Wright brothers. At least I'm mocking mine on someone else's blog! LOL

  4. LOL Sometimes things like that just click at the oddest moment! At least she's always thinking! :)