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May 6, 2011

I would rather. . .

. . .powerwash a hog barn (even farrowing) than clean a bathroom!

. . .muck out a barn with a pitchfork (not using the skid steer) by hand than gather, sort, wash, dry, fold and put away laundry!

. . .AI sows than clean the kitchen!

I hate housework, sometimes my Mom even has to bring her bucket of magic cleaning supplies over and help me (yes I realize that is pathetic).  Once (true story) my kids were little and my Mom had been here cleaning helping me clean earlier in the day, when the kids got home they walked in the house and they said "What is that smell?", I honestly had to look my children in the eye and say "uh, cleaning supplies" they said "Wow they smell good you should use them more often" - out of the mouths of babes (who are lucky to still be alive after that)!

But more than anything I would rather do all of the above and get to be the "stay-at-home farm hand Mom" that I am!  So this Mother's Day my hat (and Chris bought me a new really cool one) goes off to all the Mom's that work in and out of the home and manage to do it all (or at least fake it like me)!  YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!

But to my Mom I say "THANK YOU" a million and one times (maybe more since I am sure I didn't say it enough growing up) for all you have done for me in my life!  My Mom taught school for 28 years, kept the books for the farm, cleaned the house, did the laundry, raised 2 awesome amazing kids and my brother (JK he is almost as amazing as me and my sister - he did marry good and has 4 great kids), cooked every meal (including all the meals she took to the field), there was always something sweet on the counter when we got home from school and supported us thru EVERYTHING!

This is where I would post a picture of my Mom - but as a present to her I won't - she hates having her picture taken!

So instead I will post a picture of what she loves most - her grandchildren!

Casey, Bunk, Emi Lou, Abi, Molly, Ellie, Alli, Cole, Andi, Cade - the first 10
and not to forget

Born after the pic of all of them was taken!



  1. What a sweet post! I don't mind cleaning, except I don't like unloading the dishwasher and putting clothes away. Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  2. I love this post your Mom sounds awesome. I have a cool Mom too but I clean her house LOL. Nice beautiful Grandchildren your Mom has has.
    Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom and all the other Mom's out their doing the best they can. Love is all the kids need, oh yeah, and a little food and water. B

  3. Great tribute! Moms are the best, and I am right with you on hating the housework! UHG!

  4. Since some of don't like housework maybe we could invent a attachment to the air tank open all the doors and windows and let her rip. Close the doors and we are done Glad I am not alone Sometimes a hire a lady until she quits or I let her go. Clean for awhile until another comes along. Happy Mothers Day

  5. Love this! I would so rather be doing anything out on the farm than house work. My mom was always my savior during harvest time. From cleaning my house to cooking dinner to watching the kids, I couldn't have done it with out her.

  6. Nice "gift" to your mom! I remember my mom bringing down dinner a few times when she knew I had been in the barns for an entire day...what a blessing! Those are the gifts we will always remember.

  7. This is funny to me, because just this evening I was thinking how cool it would be to design a house that has a kitchen with all tile walls and floors and metal cabinets so I could just take the pictures and notes off my fridge and simply clean up with a power washer, instead of rubbing, rubbing, rubbing dried-on gunk off my fridge door handle!
    That would be kind of like cleaning a farrowing barn.

  8. Bless you! Thank you for such a nice tribute! I hope you know that I think as highly of you and all the things you do for your family. Doing for, being with, and supporting your own kids is what being a mom is all about. Keep up the good work. Love you, mom