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May 13, 2011

The Last 48 Hours

Consisted of:
Getting some seed in the ground!

The wheat getting sprayed with fungicide.

A quick trip to my Dad and brothers to watch them set tomato plants for Red Gold!

Working a lot of ground!

Cleaning the Cheetos out of my truck that have been there since the cattle show a couple of weeks ago!

A lot of spraying burn down!

Riding in every tractor that was moving!

Setting up our new Baseline!

Actually getting my picture taken!

Cleaning fence rows and fixing fence to turn cows out, back to back softball games, a 2nd grade field trip, gymnastics practice, a flat tire on a tractor, getting said tire fixed, feeding kids at 9pm putting kids to bed and going back out to get Chris at the field, letting My Cowgirl drive her Dad's manual transmission truck without having a heart attack, picked up the rest of my flowers for landscaping and tonight finally parking my truck at 8:30 to come in and start supper!

And it's just the beginning!


  1. Very busy indeed. I'm sure it feels good to finally be planting instead of waiting!

  2. oh the busy farmer life! it's still an envious life!

  3. I'm right there with you girlfriend, minus the softball games! Tall Guy came n around 8:00 and said, "I'll hep you freeze that asparagus!" Seriously? We finished around 10:00. Woo for a Friday night on the farm! ;-)

    Rumor has it that even I can plant with the base lines set and all. Don't know whether to be flattered or smack somebody!

    Raining here today; it's that counter-clockwise rain on the radar! Illinois seems to be getting the worst of it, but we are only 10 miles from the state line! Keep on Trucking or Planting down there!

  4. I hear ya! Brad has been out until atleast 10 every night. I'm busy taking lunches to the field and being a "runner". good luck!


  5. Love it. It was so nice to finally be busy in the fields especially since it was so long over due this year. Great to see you on Wednesday night.

  6. Sound like you are busy Last night we ate at 10:00 To late but you are hungry

  7. You sure have been busy lately:) We are still waiting for the rain to end so we can get planting in our ever growing garden! :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Thank you for coming by today, Wow what a nice life. I love your farming. The big tractors are just great.
    Thank you for your comment about my great-grandmother. The thing I was thinking about today was she was content in who she was and I wish I was more like that.
    I liked that picture too.
    My Field of Dreams

  9. I love when the crop dusters fly by our house! Glad you all are finally able to get busy!!

  10. So glad to see you guys planting! It has been far too long!

  11. Yes let the crazy supper hours begin. No rest till winter. Good luck with the planting and then harvesting round and round. B