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May 10, 2011

Let's Talk Planting Corn

Might as well talk about since it is still to wet to actually plant any!

The longer equipment and farmers sit poised in the start gate the more "tweaking" they find to do to the equipment - but have no fear at a moments notice we are ready to spring (well maybe summer at this rate) into action and rush to the driest field where we will then spend hours lining out what can't be "tweaked" in the barn lot and then we will plant and plant and plant!  There are so many components to a planter that actually have to be moving and working to be sure they are set right - are all units putting out seed, at what rate, are all the spray nozzles spraying, are they spraying an even pattern, is the monitor picking up all rows, etc. etc. etc.

Today was actually dry enough for Chris to bring the planter down behind the house and test it!  He had to test in the grassy horse lot behind our house - but it is tested and retweaked!

We plant with a John Deere 4630 equipped with an E-Drive and a Kinze 16 row planter - all our corn will be planted with this and some of our beans as well.

Folded out in the barn lot and tweaking -

Chris and his Dad, well tweaking -

and still tweaking!

Finally folded out and testing!

Checking that the press wheels are aligned with openers!

The inside of the cab - that is a lot of monitors to watch and he has to keep answering his phone because I keep calling and seeing how he's getting along!

 So we officially have .9 acres of corn in the ground - just not in the right place!  So I am knocking on wood that it doesn't rain tonight - notice I didn't say "stop raining" because you NEVER want to do that otherwise it will stop alright - just about the time we really need it!


  1. OMG! I am linking up my post to yours! We even have the same planter! Thanks for all the right words I couldn't come up with!

  2. We're quite a way behind too, but things have dried out and warmed up and they are running like crazy right now. We even got my one acre of popcorn and sweet corn in the ground. Now if only we could put my fence in so we can plant the beans.

  3. I know just what you mean about the stop raining wish. If we could only find a way to store all of this up until July and August. We are in NW Ohio and in a very small area where it is dry enough to plant. Hubby has been working loooonnnnnggggg hours since Thursday and even Sunday (usually takes Sunday off) and is over half done. Keeping fingers crossed the rain holds off and you can soon be planting.

  4. that's an amazing machine! hope you can get your seeds in soon!

  5. OMGoodlord! That's quite the machine. Our planter is nothing like that. Heck, our tractors are still from the 70's. The mapping device is the guy's ability to see straight!

  6. Hope you are out and running today! And you're right: There will be something that needs tweaking after you truly begin. It's inevitable. Good luck!

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  11. If only I have a backyard with that much space - I'd grow corn in it, too!

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