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June 13, 2011

BC Syndrome

Ever heard of it?  Did you suffer from this as a child?

I did, so did my brother and my sister - it was never talked about publicly, at least my Mom tried to keep it quiet - it always reared its ugly head in the grocery store, she would give us the look, tell us jokingly that we had the "Iwantititis", try to laugh it off so that others wouldn't stare, but I think people knew - there children may have had it and knew not to stare.  Most people out grow it, I will be honest I thought it was just a childhood affliction, my children have it - all 3 of them!  But this weekend my Mom opened my eyes and whispered to me quietly in church that she thinks my hubs might have it - I thought about it - I won't lie - sitting in church I prayed about it, but I have come to the realization that she is right, I am positive that he has it - but I am a strong person, we will make it thru the tougher times, I will prevail over all 4 of them and some day they will all look back and thank me, just as I look back now and thank my Mom for her will power and her desire to give us home cooking!

The Boughten Cookie Syndrome!

You may have been one or you have at least seen those afflicted with this syndrome in the grocery store - you are casually walking down the cookie/cracker aisle when you hear the words:
 "PPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSEEEEE Mom just this once can we have boughten cookies??????"

always followed by the the very tired, overworked, excellent cook of a Mom say:
"No, I have all the stuff to make cookies when we get home, there is no need to BUY cookies!"

I was that kid, I look back now on that time with shame and remorse - what possessed me to think that cookies in a package could replace the ones that my Mom always made with love (well and possibly a little frustration)!

But what I neglected to realize about this syndrome is that it can manifest itself in so many other instances, not just cookies!  And that is what I realized Sunday at church, the conversation that opened my eyes went like this:

Mom: So today is Chris' birthday are you guys doing anything special?
Me:  Well I made him a cake and told him I would cook his favorite meal?
Mom: Oh that sounds good - what did he choose?

Pause for explanation:  this is a tradition in our family - ever since I can remember on our birthday we have been allowed to request ANY meal we want - a lot of times we choose things like: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, homemade bread; spaghetti, homemade bread; fried chicken, mashed potatoes, homemade bread; beef roast, mashed potatoes, homemade bread -   You get the picture - my Mom is an excellent cook and not to break my arm patting myself on the back but I ain't too bad myself!

Me: Skinless, boneless chicken breast fried, instant mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans!
Mom: OH - so have you considered he suffers Boughten Cookie Syndrome?

I swear Angels sang - she was right!  So after quiet contemplation and  a little prayer I think believe we can make it over this hurdle in our marriage - you see I am a mashed potato connoisseur - I LOVE THEM, they are my life but what kind fool person chooses instant over homemade - I guess the kind I married - why oh why didn't I ask this question 20 years ago when we are dating, why did I have to find out now - I must have been blinded by love.


  1. My husband likes his mashed potatoes out of a box too! I think it comes from his mom making them when the guys came in for dinner, and since she never knew exactly when that would be, she used the box kind so they would be done at the right time. I shake my head, and I make them for him on occasion, but I DO like the real kind too!

  2. i'm all about REAL mashed potatoes too... my brother-in-law makes the ones out of the box and i just have to bite my tongue!

  3. It could be worse...my hubby won't even EAT potatoes of ANY kind. I think he's an undercover Nazi. Maybe.

  4. For my kids, it was the Lunchables. Even now that they are grown, I still hear about how mean I was not to buy Lunchables instead of making sandwiches at home. It's hard to believe the child abuse they suffered at my hands. (He is obviously delusional when it comes to mashed potatoes. I agree: It's a trial all right!)

  5. You do have a way of telling a story! I had to laugh, even though now the world knows that you three had this syndrome. Although it does seem that you all have outgrown it now, since homecooking is favored by all of you.

  6. I wonder if pillsbury ever did a survey on potatoes?

  7. We JUST HAD this conversation two days ago.
    "What's for dinner?"
    "Meat load, green beans and mashed potatoes."
    "Are they the good instant kind or the real kind?"
    You are not alone, my friend.
    Press on.

  8. Oh my gosh! When I was a kid, i just wanted fruit roll ups. All of the other kids had them in their lunch boxes and all I had was stupid homemade cookies that my mom made! Now, I am all about my momma's homemade cookies! Forget those silly old fruit roll ups!

  9. That's too funny. Growing up on homemade taters I have to admit that I do use instant more than I ever thought I would. Also, don't tell my mom but I like brownies from a box better than from scratch!

  10. I enjoyed this post. It brought back so many memories from my childhood. I believe I have out grown the syndrome but cautious about a relapse.

  11. This has me cracking up! I'm one of those Lunchables and Boughten Cookies kids, though I wouldn't dream of buying them for my kids now when they ask! And my mom is known in 2 counties as The Cookie Lady, she's got The Best homemade cookies. Ever. I'm pretty sure my dad's secret favorite is Oreo, double-stuffed to be more specific. And she's sweet enough to have some in the cabinet for him, always. I just hope there's still one of hers in the cookie jar when we visit, even if it is a little hard, nothing a glass of milk can't soften up! ;)

  12. You made me laugh. I am still picturing this in my head. I loved both kinds. Thanks for the giggles. b

  13. This is hilarious. Never thought about the BC syndrome. I think I have a few candidates here.