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June 10, 2011


Who doesn't love BReakfast for sUPPER?  Seriously, I love it and around here we call it Brupper!

So when I got my Gooseberry Patch cookbook in the mail

opened it up I got no farther than page 7 (the first 5 pages were intro) where the recipe "Triple-Berry Pancakes" drew me in and I knew I need go no further for my first recipe from this book!

This was super simple and soooo super delicious!  Definitely earned 5 stars (one from each of us in this house) as all 3 kids and Chris put their stamp of approval on this recipe!

Just 5 ingredients:  6-1/2 oz. pkg triple-berry muffin mix
                             1 T. flour
                             2/3 c. water
                             2 T. oil
                             1 egg, beaten

I doubled the recipe (we are big pancake eaters) and honestly the batter seemed just a little runny so I added an extra tablespoon of flour to mine!

Put all the ingredients in the bowl, grab the nearest kid to give it a mix,

have the kid put some bacon on a broiler pan and stick it in the oven, have the kid cook the pancakes (convince them you are teaching them life skills not just forcing them to do the work so you don't have too!),

while the kid is waiting for the little bubbles on the pancakes hint to them that the fresh strawberries in the fridge would be really good cut up and served with this meal (they get to use a sharp knife they will go for it),  once the bubbles come to the surface of the pancakes 

holler remind the kid to not let the pancakes burn but to gently flip them over!

Then plate it up and take full credit be sure to give the kid a hug for a job well done!

Authors note:  One reason I LOVE brupper is the choice of beverage is wide open - if one, were to say, choose to wash down these triple berry pancakes with a glass of, oh say, some berry sangria wine they just might be delicious together - and since I needed to test that theory before I mentioned it, that is exactly what I did and I will add it was pure Brupper Perfection!


  1. i like your 'taste testing' methodology. :)

  2. LOVE this! Brupper is a huge fav at this house too! Also like your choice of drinks. Thanks for being responsible enough to research data before sharing it! ;-)

  3. THANKS!! Now I know what I'm fixing for supper tomorrow night. It was always a treat for our boys when they were growing up to have breakfast for supper. And everyone always pitched in to help fixed it.

  4. Looks delicious! And such an easy recipe to follow, love it! Oh, and the berry sangria, did you make it yourself??

  5. I have a package of berry muffin mix that I have been meanign to use up and this sounds just perfect!! I think I will have breakfast for lunch!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

  6. Sounds yummy! My mom opened the cabinet door where we could choose from a myriad of cereals for breakfast. Things like waffles or pancakes always made their appearance at supper - or brupper, as you have now forever christened it! Around here, it's our choice for lunch after church. (Easy on the cook!) I'll have to try this one. Thanks for sharing.