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June 2, 2011

Dear. . .

Dear Rather Large Women in the Poor Little Samari,
Next time we meet on a narrow road with no shoulder and I am driving the 9200 I will not be soo kind!

Dear Motorcycle Man,
Thank you so much for slowing down and riding the far side of the road so that I could get by, but if you could tuck your shirt in next time I would really appreciate it more!

Dear Yuppie Soccer Mom in the SUV talking on her phone,
Try a safety driving course if the road is narrow slow down if there is not room for you to pull over where do you think I am going to go in a large tractor!

Dear Man in the Panama Jack Hat Driving the White Mini-van,
Thank you a thousand times over for pulling completely off the road and waiting for me to pass and the thumbs up you gave me made my day!

Dear Man on the Bicycle at the Stop Light,
Just an FYI spandex is just not a good look for you or really anyone!

Dear 2 Teenage Boys in the Subaru Car,
THANK YOU - you patiently followed me till I found a place to pull over to let you pass and the smiles and shocked looks on your faces when you realized I was a female totally made my day!

This was my view all day yesterday:

 To my left:

Over my left shoulder:

To my right:

Over my left shoulder:

Gave me a lot of time to think - obviously not productive thinking but thinking none the less!


  1. Haha.... were you in my head yesterday?? This totally could have been my day! Love this!

  2. I'm still laughing! Thanks!

  3. LOL YES! This should be posted on every billboard in Indiana!

  4. Love this post!

  5. Great post!! I've soooo had those thoughts. What a great way to let it out!!!LOL And you scenery is great. Looks a little drier than it is here right now.

  6. What a beautiful view! Glad you're finally making progress. I'm still hoping to get my beans in by the weekend.

  7. very funny! just stumbled into your blog from someone's link on fb. loooooving my visit here!

  8. So glad to see you are back in the fields, and so shaking my head in laughter and agreement at your commentary on the traffic. You have a lot more of that in your neck of the woods than we do. I am amazed if I see more than three vehicles on my way to a far field. Be careful out there, and in those great wise words, "Gitter dun!"

  9. Oh dear this brought tears to my eyes it was so funny. Funny but I have been there and I know what driving on the road is like most people are great but some as you have pointed out do not have a clue.Do they not know my back tire could just swallow them up. Good post. B

  10. hahaha! very very good!!!