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June 16, 2011

Eat Their Dust!

I could not be prouder of these 6 intelligent and beautiful girls!

Kayla Bechman, Allie Abney, Erin Bush, Casey Campbell, Bailey Johnson and Mary Ellen O'Conner

They competed in the Ag Issues CDE at the State Convention and placed 3rd at the state level! 
At the District level they won by default being the only team - the judges told them at the contest they had no chance at the state level but look at them now - that judge can now stick their 3rd place plaque in his pipe and smoke it!

Their issue of their debate: The Potential for Another Dust Catastrophe like The Dust Bowl of the 30's!


  1. Way to go girls!! I am so glad that you did not let the judge's opinion hold you back!

  2. Woo Hoo! Girls ROCK! Tell me more about this dust thing!

  3. This is great. As a Canadian, I've always been a little jealous I didn't have the chance to participate in FFA. It seems like an amazing program for youth in agriculture!


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