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June 26, 2011

God Bless Small Town America!

I love small town festivals!  I love a good any volunteer fire department fish fry, a church fair, celebrations of a towns history - I am a lifetime attendee of The Fairland Fish Fry and from the time I was born till they quit having it I never missed a Boggstown Fair - last year for the first time I attended Fort Vallonia Days in Jackson County (awesome) but last night I loaded up the kids and we headed to Hazelwood, IN for the Hazelwood Fish Fry - and all I can say is "Hazelwood where have you been all my life?"!

If you take all the things I love about festivals and county fairs (short of showing livestock) and roll them into one big ball, you have The Hazelwood Fish Fry - volunteer fire fighters frying fish (and the most amazing homemade onion rings ever), kiddie games (no creepy carnies but church groups raising money with a ring toss and ping pong balls to win a fish), elephant ears, a live local band, flea market booths, a pedal pull and then you throw in a tractor pull all out in the middle of nowhere, well it was just nothing but pure good American fun!

Love these guys, they are always up for an adventure, all I say is "Hey do you guys wanna . ." and they all say "yes" before I can finish the sentence!

Eatin' Dollars & Blowin' Smoke
Our Franklin Favorite
Owned by David and Janet Esteb

Then it was off to the pedal pull:

where even on a Ford (he is a green man) he smoked'em!

Instead of a trophy he won a $25.00 U.S. Saving Bond -
So I titled his pull Blowin' Smoke & Makin' Dollars!

We had so much fun - I felt bad that Chris didn't get to go but truth is he was running anhydrous which made him just as happy to be working!  Definatly on the calendar for next year!


  1. That looks like a LOT of fun! My kids were the same way when they were younger. I was always making last minute plans. They learned how to pack a picnic basket in a minute flat!

  2. You were two miles from my home! I pass through Hazelwood every time I head to any where. I kept thinking we needed to take my Chicago born/raised son-in-law to the fish-fry, but the day got away from us.

  3. Nice pics of the tractor pull! Ours got rained out two days in a row...our son was so mad he didnt get to see them...and so was I!

  4. There is a special place in a country person's heart for fish fries and tractor pulls! Amen!

  5. Sounds like fun! Me and my hubby would LOVE to watch a live tractor pull. We don't have any out here so we just have to settle with watching them on tv. Thank goodness for RFDTV.

  6. What a great time my kind of fun. Congrats for the win a bond is nice. Our fair and tractor pull are very soon hope I won't be haying then we have not started yet. Darn rain. Have a good long weekend. B