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June 24, 2011

A Little Dirt On Us!

Here you go - I am airing our "dirty laundry" for the world to view!

This RFOA assignment is dirty jobs - this was easy, it's how we live on this farm!
Be sure to check out all the dirt on the rest of the RFOA's on our Facebook Page!

Notice what Chris is sitting on - NOTHING well except maybe a cow pie that will soon be in my laundry room!

No matter how dry it is out or how hard you try to avoid getting dirty - manure splatters!

Why can't I learn not to work in shorts - no matter how hot it is?

Really?  And this was for "fun" - getting calves washed for a show!

More "fun"!

I just wish these pics of washing calves showed how dirty clothes end up!

Rubber boots or not when your head is only 3 foot from the ground the manure ends up all over you!

Hogs:  Pictures only show half the story with hogs - you would need smell o'vision - anytime you walk in a hog confinement barn (even for a brief second) you walk out smelling like a hog confinement barn!

Washing hog barns (we wash at least 3 every 5 weeks) - picture aiming a pressure washer nozzle at pile of feed and manure in a corner and it spraying back at you at 100mph, then do this for 5 hours straight!

Don't even get me started on how dirty we get breeding after a rain!

Hauling liquid manure - this is the only pic I could find - you can't see it but he has it all over his jeans (and this was a clean day)  at least once a week when he is hauling something plugs the line or there is a mishap and liquid manure covers him -

Feeding with Dad - "it's fun Mom now will you wash my clothes and coveralls so they will be clean when I want to feed with Dad again?"

Weaning pigs!


Cleaning out the leg pit!

I couldn't find any pictures of anyone covered in tractor grease, combine dust, clothes covered in graphite from planting, mud from walking fields, bees wings filled pockets from sweeping out bins . . .

Heck we even get dirty having FUN:

Which brings me to my laundry room:

I end of with 2-5 pairs of jeans that are at least this dirty EVERYDAY!

These I found in the garage - I have no idea what the job was but it was DIRTY!

I wonder if I could get Mike Rowe to come do my laundry for an episode?


  1. oh you need some industrial strength washers and dryers!!! you could do a tide commercial!

  2. Looks like you do a LOT of laundry! I agree with the industrial washer and dryer!

  3. YOU WIN! I think Sears or some company should GIVE you a washing machine and drier so you can demonstrate how they hold up to some heavy duty use! GREAT pics!

  4. Love your post! I was looking through Big D's hamper this morning and surprisingly his pants weren't that dirty ... weird for a pig farmer.

  5. The first photo of washing the calves is too good.

  6. Farming by nature is getting in the dirt (and I use the word dirt quite loosely)! Love the good clean farm fun!

  7. Great post! Remember to explain pictures in more detail. Consumers might (will) have a hard time interpreting the images of weaning pigs. The average American is 4-5 generations removed from the family farm - so those pictures might be a little frightening!

    Keep up the great work!

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