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June 3, 2011

Observations and Official Results


*Over the past 3 days I swear I have heard the weather report approximately 400 times and it is never the same, even on the same station!

*I miss my tolit - sorry but I do - tired of making sure the splash doesn't get my boots!

*I have never really like the song Benny and The Jets, but found myself jamming to it twice in the last 3 days!

*I found myself thoroughly engrossed in the traffic report on the radio this evening when it in no way affected my position in the middle of the field I was in!

*I have to wear sunglasses all the time or I catch myself starring at the bags under my eyes in the mirror that I am supposed to be watching the turbo till with!

*Chris always tells me Thank You for working (isn't that sweet) but when I ask where to turn my hours in to get my paycheck he just laughs and walks away!

Official Results:
(based on the 3 day trial)

*My butt falls asleep after 5 hours in the tractor seat!

*After the 4th frivolous cell call of nothing important to Chris, I get the annoyed "Hello"!

*I MISS MY KIDS - we have been leaving before they get up and home with just enough time for a quick hug and update on their day!


  1. awww. the last point made me sad... hoping your field days are almost complete! but it sure made for an interesting post!

  2. I'm so jealous you have a radio! We're in the 'mad dash to do as much hay as possible while the weather holds' time of year. I got in trouble with my father-in-law for listening to my Ipod. He doesn't think I would know if the rake broke...idk... Happy planting. I hope it goes quick for you!

  3. We need to create a Rancher/Farmer Wife Union group. ;)

  4. Been there done that but then I had to stop at noon and do something about lunch. My legs were sore from clutching. I always liked the smell of dirt.

  5. All I can say is...AMEN! :) Happy trails, and may you see your toilet soon (and I mean that in the most politically correct, polite, not-offensive way possible!)

  6. You go girl! Hopefully you are almost done. I can so relate to the phone calls with a grumpy hubby on the other end. Don't they know we have to talk to someone after 3-4 hours of quiet? Sheesh! Looks like the weather is holding for you today. At least you have a comfy seat and AC. I just finished mowing the yard and had to wash off about a pound of dirt that covered me. YUCK!

  7. Great post! As crazy as it sounds...I look forward to the days where our kids are older so I can be out there day after day...working with my husband. Glad you are just about done!

  8. haha your missing your tolit!!!???

    Hang in here girl! and if push comes to shove i'll take over and you can run this dairy of hours!!!