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June 12, 2011

Pure perfection is . . .

. . .making this cake for Chris for his birthday today (thanks to Liz for the recipe),

even though my kitchen now looks like this!

. . .spending every morning last week helping out socializing and watching these kids learn about God at VBS at Boggstown Pres. Church,

even though I should of been home folding all the laundry piling up in my kitchen (at least it is all clean)!

. . .having My Cowgirl home for 24 hours after spending the last 3 days as a 4-H camp counselor and leaving early tmw. morning for Indiana State FFA Convention,

even though she destroyed the bathroom before she left 3 days ago and probably won't get it cleaned before she leaves again!

. . .listening to the giggles of these two playing Sumo Wrestling with my couch cushions,

even though they destroyed the bonus room in the process!

. . .spending the day with my favorite people in the world, no matter what my house looks like - bacause tmw. will come and Chris will go back to work, My Cowgirl will leave, My Midget and lil' Farmer will start fighting again but the house will still be a mess!


  1. enjoy that time regardless of the messes. you've got the right idea... :)

  2. Love this post...

    Check out that cake!!

  3. Oh I am so glad that I am not the only one whose house looks like a whirlwind came through. I always warn everyone we live in our house and that includes the kids, don't walk about in the dark in your bare feet. I can't guarantee that you won't step on some forgotten toy or random shoe.

  4. Amen to all that! Some days you just have to live in the moment! Awesome cake by the way!

  5. that totally looks like our house! But glad you all had such great fun...no one remembers laundry laying everywhere, only the fun times you all had enjoying the moments!

  6. The cleaning and laundry will be there tomorrow.

  7. I know what you mean the house is just a house. Family is the most important enjoy them while you can.
    The cake looks delicious I really would like a piece right now. Happy Birthday Chris.
    You have your priorities right. Family then housework (maybe). B

  8. Love it! You have your priorities just right.

  9. The cake looks yummy (I think I have the same platter that was my mom-in-law's.) Unfortunately, the need to clean will still be there for you (unless you've uncovered a secret stash of cleaning fairies.) But you're right: Spending time with your family is the priority.

  10. It sounds like and LOOKS like a loving caring family!

    That's all i have to say! ;-) Well, i would like to move in...


  11. You have no idea how timely this is for me to read. As always, you put things into perspective and keep what is important in the forefront. Thanks Jen.