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June 17, 2011

Silence can speak volumes.

The other day on Indiana Family of Farmers FB page they had this post:
Indiana's Family of Farmers
Still taking entries: Want to win a $50 Gift Certificate to Texas Roadhouse??? Tell us one thing your dad or grandfather taught you- in honor of Father's Day.

I had seen a similar post the day before but didn't make a comment because I tend to freeze up on what I consider profound questions - even entries in contests that have nothing to do with your actual answer they are just an entry to be chosen randomly!  But this is one place that my Mom in me shines thru: "Others will be reading this I can't just put something silly what if they think that is the only thing I learned from my Dad"  and the drama in my head goes on and on and on - and I just don't enter the random drawing contest!
BUT this time I gave it some serious thought, I really did, I focused and everything - at first I panicked slightly I questioned immediatly if my Dad ever "taught" me anything or maybe he did and I wasn't listening (highly likely) but then I took a deep breath and realized my Mom and Dad both are lead by example kind of people which reminded me to think outside of the box so to speak for "lessons"!

So on this Father's Day these are a few of the things I learned from my Dad:
1.  How to build snow furniture!
2.  How to use a shop broom - to sweep out the shop and to clean up grain at the dump pit!
3.  The right way to mow grass - slow and not in a circle!
4.  That community involvement is important - you don't have to do everything you are asked to do but being a part of a community means being involved and participating.
5.  How to drive - I can remember my Dad letting my sister and I pull the pick-up truck up to the planter in the field before either of us were old enough to do it alone - I would use the steering wheel and she would be in charge of the gas and the brake!  He also taught me how to drive a stick shift!
6.  Appreciation for travel!  We went on a family vacation almost every summer, before I was 18 I had visited 39 of the 50 states (always with a camper in tow as that was the most economical way to travel) - and as of today my Dad and Mom have been to 49 states - they are lacking New Jersey and Dad says he has no desire to go there anyway!
At The Grand Canyon Summer of '83 touring the West in the '75 Winnebago motorhome during the "I'm not sitting around watching my crops die during this drought" month long family vacation!

7.  Education!  My Dad has high regards for education and while I still lack a degree from any of the 3 colleges I have attended I do see the value and will provide every opportunity for my kids to attend college if they choose!
8.  How to make brown and black cows!  But I never can remember the difference: coke is black and root beer is brown or is it the other way around!
9.  How to make milk toast - I will never need this knowledge because I won't eat it but I do know how to make it!
10. How to make the world's best homemade ice-cream!
My Dad and My Cowgirl making ice cream!

My Dad and My Midget making ice cream!

My Dad and My lil' Farmer making ice cream!
Why he is wearing snowman slippers I have no idea!

11.  A sense of humor is important, if they tease you they love you - who wastes time teasing someone they don't like!

12.  You do your work because you are suppossed to not because you will be rewarded!

But I believe one of the most important things I have learned  am still learning from my Dad is that - silence can speak volumes!  I am hoping that some day when I am fully mature and an adult this will come as easy for me as it does for my Dad!
And while my Dad is definatly not a PDA (public display of affection) kind of person, heck my Dad is not even an HDA (home display of affection) kind of person - I am learning that by the way he looks at me and my family and that silence can speak volumes from my Dad - he loves me - mistakes and all - at least at this point I am assuming that is what his silence means in this instance (wink wink)  - see a sense of humor is important!  The older I get the smarter he gets - that's so weird how that works!
THANKS DAD - I love you!    


  1. Your dad must be a brilliant man as evident by his choice of clothing in the last picture. ;)

  2. great tribute!
    My parents did the same thing with the traveling. I got to (I think) 35 states before getting out of high school.
    We're carrying on the family tradition now!

  3. I love this post. I can relate to so much of it. My sister and I also did teamwork driving to help pick up fence posts. Unfortunately, I also got the shop broom training. The community involvement and education struck chords in me, too, but most of all, the quiet assurance that your Dad loves you, whether he says it or not.

  4. Dad was touched by your blog post. Since you proved that you do know how he thinks, you will realize that when he talked to you about this article on Sat., that was much more his speed than leaving a comment. I also thought it was a perfect Father's Day gift!!

  5. Oh your Dad has done a wonderful job in his very silent way:) HUGS B

  6. Farmers. They are oh so similar, aren't they? Cute post!

  7. Rereading and loving both the article and the memories!!