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July 11, 2011

5 Days and Counting

Well actually 4 1/2 seeing as it is almost noon!

That's all the time I got left to be ready for, what I consider, the best county fair in Indiana!
My list is still long and I entered stage 2 this morning - I have 3 distinct stages of preparation for everything I do -
 1.  We can do it - we've got our shit together!
 2.  Oh Shit, I don't think we can do it!
 3.  Who gives a shit if we don't get it perfect! (this is my personal favorite)

So on the calendar is:
*FFA Dairy Barn Set-up - Mon. 6-9
*4-H Record Sheet Signing (our club leaders prefer I do this as in the past I have tracked each and everyone of them down at work, they are so nice about it but I know they probably call each other and warn them when I didn't show up at signing to be on the look out for me with all 3 kids in tow begging their co-workers to "please" let me see them as they hide in their offices!)
*4-H Photography Projects Due Wednesday 8am -
 Casey - 10 B&W poster
              Color Salon Print
 Emi Lou - 10 Color Poster
*Open Class Photography Due Friday evening!
*Mini 4-H Project Due Friday evening - this one is actually done!
*Tractor Driving Contest - Friday morning!
*Ribeye Stand set-up - Wednesday evening
*Crops Due Friday Morning

*Finish ALL Photography!
*Force Have kids- Feed, halter, rinse, hay, feed - 4-H calves everyday!
*Emi Lou study for tractor driving test
*Finish all paperwork so we don't have to stalk leaders at work!
*Dig up corn & soybeans, rinse rootballs!
*Clean fan cage, clean out showbox, order halters and grooming supplies!
*Find, launder and pack show clothes for 3 kids!
*get washer fixed so I can do the above!
*Food - believe it or not but 3 meals a day for 7 days straight is more fair food than any of us can handle!

I know there is tons more - but honestly I am giving myself a headache thinking about it - and not accomplishing any of it sitting here blogging!  We truly have a ball at the fair and are blessed that we get this opportunity to do this as a family and once I reach Stage 3 I will be smiling from ear to ear ready for a Beaver Tail, Cattle Shows, Tractor Pulls, Pedal Pulls, napping at the stall, long nights, loads of dirty cloth's, a million pictures . . .


  1. You are right, it is a lot of work getting ready for fair. But, fun also. Just think of all the great memories you and your family will be making. Looking forward to seeing your County Fair in pictures and blog post(s).

  2. Our county fair is this week, too. I am still the 4-H foods superintendent, but at least it's less hectic with no 4-Hers at home anymore to "encourage" to get their projects finished up. I hope your fair isn't going to be as hot as ours. I love the fair, but I don't love the 100-degree-plus temps that are forecast. Good luck with your list!

  3. Lots of work but you will have great memories some day!!!!