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July 23, 2011

Another Notch In Our Belt - Only 11 More To Go

Well we made it another year and am so hoping this year is like childbirth, that the fun, good times and memories outweigh the pain and labor - because if it doesn't we may not be going back!  This year was extremely hot on the kids and the livestock!  I am so proud of the kids in the cattle barn, they spent days hauling buckets of water to the their calves so that the calves could stay under the fans!

We made it thru the livestock sale - but tears did fall!  My Cowgirl also let herself get dehydrated and the heat took it's toll and we finally had to send her home, which meant her sister had to walk her calf thru the auction as well!

Her Birthday happened to fall on auction day - not the best!

Making Cyclone wear the birthday tiara!

Commiserating with friends!

Walking the green mile!

Waiting her turn and getting a hug from her brother!

Hugs from Dad, where I am pretty sure he whispered in her ear "Suck it up, you don't have a choice!"


Bawling and babbling "I love you Cyclone"!

In the pen during bidding!

The hand-off to Mom, who is now also crying!
(which of course means someone is going to take my pic, I look like crap)

Hugs from friends!

She spent the time in-between her steer and her sisters crying  and hugging her steer!

In the pen with her sisters steer!

The hand-off to Mom - but notice Lou is not crying?
We went back in the cattle barn and she tied Shortie up, slapped him on the butt and said
"See ya on the other side of the meat counter Shortie!"

Today was deja-vu, here is what we did a year ago and we did exactly the same thing today!


  1. I have to admit, I really don't miss those days and thought I would. Don't think I've been back to the fair since we quit showing 3 years ago. So glad we did dairy animals and didn't have to do the whole "auction" thing. We actually still have our daughter's first show cow. She is 12 years old and really starting to show her age :( Great lessons were learned and our daughter is now a senior at college majoring in animals science and ag business.

  2. Fair Week was a rough one this time! Ours just ended as well.

    We only went to go look at my Grand Champion photo (two of 'em in two years? Excitin' stuff!) and then went right back home. Yeah, I willingly skipped out on Funnel Cake for air conditioning! :)

    Guess that would be quite the long period of time for a little one--especially when it ends in selling the cow!

  3. You are proud of your kids, if I was your mom? I would be proud of you. Your kids reflect all you and Chris have given to them. Congratulations! You are obviously doing on heck of a good job. Looking at these pictures, say a lot about you.

  4. Oh you are such a great Mom your kids are learning valuable lessons even though they hurt. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.
    Wow Lou tough cookie. I think now you can go and rest till next year. B

  5. I was afraid my nephew would be upset, but he's such a little money grubber that he practically had dollar signs in his eyeballs. I was more upset than he was!

  6. Glad I only had one in the sale. That was harder on me than him. I guess that is the way it goes. Life goes on

  7. lol. that comment cracked me up!!! Lou has a good sense of humor!

  8. Those days in the barn get to be long and hot for everyone. :) Stop by for a visit and say hi too! :)

  9. I'm kind of dreading that day if we have one next year. Kendal may show a dairy calf, which means she could show it two years and then turn it back to the dairy farm. That might be a kinder war for her to go, especially after losing a cat on the road this week. I need to blog about this and about a million other things if I can just get the time and motivation. Wrapped up the fair, meaning cleaning and picking up EVERYTHING from crap to bottles to fire extinguisher (i used the gator for that last one) on Monday, then froze some corn yesterday with the big freezing day coming Saturday. Found the garden and rescued my landscaping flowers and bushes. This heat can take a hike anytime it wants to, or I am going to melt just like the Wicked Witch!

    Hugs to your kiddos. That saying good-bye part is hard one everyone, except maybe the hog peeps. I don't see too many teary-eyed pig show-ers. Those critters are usually a royal pain in the ham! ;-)