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July 1, 2011

A Busy Bucket!

So my 2 qt hunter green (one of my favorite colors) bucket has been busy!
It came from The Red Hill General Store Bucket Outlet, where one might find themselves in bucket heaven - more sizes and colors than I ever imagined buckets came in - I'll be perfectly honest I have spent hours on their site looking at buckets and racking my brain for good reasons to buy bunches of them!

But the bucket that My Midget is holding has been a busy one - it has made 5 trips (so far - they just keep coming on) back to the woods behind our house to collect black raspberries - not black berries, not raspberries, but black raspberries!

It is a thorny and buggy and hot job but she is a pro!

We bring them home and lay them on a cookie sheet in a single layer and put them in the freezer overnight - then they are individually frozen (not a big clump) we put them in freezer bags put them back in the freezer to make pies and jam later!  And I found this great idea for individual pies that I should really post about - remind me later and I will - My Dad loved the ones I made him for Father's Day!

But one evening we were having company and my Daisy's were finally blooming so I thought a big bouquet on the table on the patio would be fun!

And it was - I found a green polka dotted ribbon and tied it around the bucket, put the fresh cut flowers in it and I loved it!

But alas the bucket has been put back to work collecting the wild black raspberries on the farm!
Now I know anyone reading this is really wanting their own bucket and is probably already headed over to The Real Farmwives of America where you could win a Galvanized Embossed Tub from Red Hill General Store!

While Red Hill General Store did provide me with a bucket to blog about for this post the pictures, ideas and opinions shared here are my own.


  1. Jep the lovely ribbon sure makes the bucket!


  2. That is one versatile bucket! The berries look yummy. Hope your family has a wonderful 4th of July!

  3. Frozen berries are like summer candy to me...yum!

  4. Love the bow you tied around the bucket for your flower arrangement!!!

  5. Oh I have been watching our blackberry bushes. I always find it hard to freeze any as we eat them to fast. Love the bucket. B

  6. The berries look delicious! And I love daisies! How pretty!

  7. Yum! Black raspberries are our favorite. I just made a black raspberry pie the other day and it's already gone. Love your flag pic on RFOA!

  8. Most years we have loads of dewberries the pastures are full of them. This year with the drought there are none. I want one of those homemade black raspberries pies. They remind me of what I miss out on this year.

  9. That Midget looks like expert help! I must say, I could use her around her as my wild raspberries are just starting to turn. I really want to make jam and wine and raspberry applesauce, so I'm going to have to brave the bugs and thorns myself.