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July 7, 2011

Hooficures All Around

One of today's "to do" for the fair was hoof trimming of the calves going!

This is the trimming table - the calf walks in the chute at the back end and his head is caught in the head chute at the front, then 2 belts are hooked under the calf's belly and pulled up to support the calf's weight then the table and calf are layed down so that the calf is laying on it's side and all 4 hooves can be trimmed!

This doesn't hurt - it is like trimming your toenails, well if you had really thick toenails and you used a grinder!

We do this because it gives the show calves a neater, cleaner appearance!
Caleb does a lot of beef cattle during fair times but spends the majority of time traveling taking care of large dairy cattle herds which are trimmed more for health reasons - Leontien from Four Leaf Clover Dairy has a great post about dairy cow pedicures!

I love this - Cole reassuring Holly that she is just getting her hooves trimmed not to be scared it won't take very long!


  1. awww. i'm sure they're terrified but they just can't do anything about it. but i'm also pretty sure they quickly forget it even happened. until the next time...

  2. WoW. We always had to do our own calves

  3. hmm...I have never seen this done. The last pic of Cole and his calf is sweet. Good luck at the show!!

  4. Nice post. I've always thought we should have pedicures available for all the 4-H moms during fair time!

  5. Love the photo of your son! Our 4H calves had the same hoof treatment last week. I wasn't home, so I'm glad to see what they went through.

  6. Cool demo post! LOVE the last picture! Kind of tugs at the heart and makes you feel proud to know he cares.