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July 2, 2011

"It's a cuttin' day Mary Alice"

Well wheat harvest has come and past - it is a huge ordeal around here for a couple of reasons:
1. the combine runs during the summer for just a few short hours and there is no way My lil' Farmer is gonna miss that!
2.  Once we get the wheat harvested and the straw baled it is time to start emptying the hog barn pits!

We raise 40 acres of wheat solely to have a place during the summer month's to haul the manure out of our hog confinement barns.  Wheat allows us to produce a crop on the acreage and still have the acres free in the summer.  We raise soft red winter wheat, it is used to make flour for cakes, pastries, cookies.  It is planted in the fall, of course after The Hessian Fly free date and is harvested in late June or early July, usually the July 4th time is pretty busy!

Once we are done harvesting we bale the straw!  We don't have a square baler anymore so we have Charlie Rodenhuis bale for us - off this 40 acres we got just under 2200 bales - for baling Charlie gets half and we get half - we will use about 350 bales on the hog farm, 150 bales for the cattle and we sold the rest straight out of the field, so we had a lot of action going on that day because we have them pick it up out of the field and like to get it off ASAP as we immediately start hauling liquid manure!

 Charlie baling

This is our crew stacking!

Filling the loft at the hog barns - I love this loft is beautiful and old!

Bruce Morris' crew!

Chuck Mathena's crew!

Charlie's crew!

This is Charlie's beautiful daughter Mary - I just love Mary!

This is my beautiful daughter - look at her move that bale - I asked if she was helping and she said:
"Well this bale fell off the wagon and I thought I could sit on it and watch the guys fill the loft but they made me move it myself!"

So now that the wheat is harvested and the straw baled and stacked the rest of the summer will be crappy for this wheat stubble!


  1. oh, i love combines and baling (straw or hay, doesn't matter!) great times!!!

  2. Glad you posted the wheat harvest it got passed me and I thought why didn't I post on that. We had about 40 acres We use the straw in the cattle barns. Good job. Great pictures.

  3. You are ahead of us. The wheat tested 14.7 on Thursday, and you know what it did Friday....RAINED! So we are hoping to get it harvested/cut/whatever you call it early next week! Love the pics!