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July 12, 2011

It's Official: I AM OLD

I am willing to admit and embrace it - because if it is this hot next week at our county fair - weather and work will be dictating my wardrobe - NOT FASHION!

Fair (haha get it fair) Warning:  This chic girl old women will be wearing shorts and boots in the cattle barn!

Who do I have left to impress - I am 41, married, given birth 3 times - no one is really looking my direction anyway!
Boots: the mere thought of wearing flip-flops just makes me shutter (believe it or not it doesn't have anything to do with the manure) it is the dust, gritty dirt and mud on my feet that just makes me feel dirty all day and tennis shoes work if you don't have to wash or it is not raining - wet socks and shoes, well just don't get me started. And last but not least is having your foot stepped on by a cow - hurts in boots, hurts worse in any other footwear!
Jeans VS. Shorts: if it is going to be 100 degrees well my biggest issue there is "restroom breaks" - 100 degrees outside, 200 degrees in the fairground restroom, hot sweaty me in jeans well let's just say I try not to drink much so I don't have to go much.  We do have air conditioned Scott Hall in a drastic situation!

I won't lie - it won't be pretty, but quite frankly I don't care!  I work in shorts and boots around here a lot but I do try to look respectable at the fair:

Mind you I said "respectable" not "pretty"!  But I have to also say that I just went thru 7 years of fair pics and only found these 7 pics - no one hardly takes my pic and if they do I am sleeping or it is of my butt (which isn't pretty either!)!

3 1/2 days now - photography projects done!  But I am getting ready to head to town to track down any one of our beautiful, loving, friendly 4-H leaders to sign paperwork that wasn't done last night - hope none of them read this before I find them so they don't have time to hide!!!!!!


  1. Get excited for the Johnson Co. Fair! I'm ready for a chocolate shake and and some fried fair food!

  2. well, i vote shorts and boots for sure. wouldn't look forward to that rest room thing tho no matter what!

  3. Flaunt those boots and shorts and be fashionable farm mama!

  4. Definitely boots and shorts! You may start something new!

  5. Oh You are going to have fun. I will be going to our county fair this weekend also. We will not be showing but I will enjoy the four day events. I am going to enter some of my photography I think.
    Have fun and I will check back and see the beautiful pics of your boots and butt. LOL B

  6. Haha i think your butt pictures AND your sleeping pictures look just fine!

    And i do NOT agree with you this time...
    40+ is not old... yet!



  7. I think shorts and boots is totally appropriate for the situation!! Hope you can stop by my farm and say hi too! :)

  8. I totally feel your pain. I have yet to whip out shorts this week partially because I really don't own any. I've been rocking capris with tennis shoes for the most part.

  9. I'll think of you while I'm going through a very similar situation at the Washington County fair! It's my nephew's first year showing and he's not so into it quite yet...and getting a lot of help from the adults.

  10. Haha I thought boots and jeans WAS the style at County Fair. Our's back home isn't until mid-September. It always starts out warm and dry, the rain we've been waiting on for months comes mid- to late-week, and Friday or Saturday we are dressing for chilly weather. Have Fun!