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July 28, 2011

What I accomplished today!

I am tired, exhausted, past the slap happy stage - we have been going non-stop for well over 2 weeks - I know some family's can handle that but this one can't - I am not organized enough and we are not that social, we really need our space to recoup!  But I feel like I accomplished quite a list today:

*I pressed the sheets on our bed!
*The couch did not move between 1:30 and 3:00 pm - I have never actually seen the couch move but I wasn't willing to risk it, so I held it down!
*I taught my girls some valuable life skills:
       Casey couldn't find all the clothes she was looking for to go visit my sister so I made her wash her own dirty laundry taught her to use the washer and dryer!
        Emi Lou learned to bake brownies because I wanted a snack everyone should know how to do that!
*I surfed the net stayed in contact with the outside world by checking email and face book for any important issues that I should be kept abreast of!
*I played around fixed and modified some pictures of "the cousins" that I took a couple of days ago!

Wow just making the list of all I have accomplished today is wearing me out, I should probably take a break as we are taking Casey out for Mexican tonight since she leaves for Colorado tmw. evening and instead of my homecooking as her last meal at home she chose Arroz Con Pollo, so I should be well rested!


  1. Our oldest will start her first year of 4-H next year, but I'm not sure if I can survive being a fair board member and a parent. OYE! I'm wiped too! Enjoy your quiet or sneak inside the suitcase going to Colorado!

  2. I am so impressed with everything you accomplished!

  3. P.S. YOU PRESSED YOUR SHEETS? SERIOUSLY? You are the queen, and I bow before you once again! ;-)

  4. I ditto Lana's comment! YOU PRESSED YOUR SHEETS!!!