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July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: 4-H Photography

I so wanted something profound for today's post since it has been a whole year that I have been blogging but quite frankly I don't have time for profound so I am going for easy!  I will say that I can't believe I have kept this up for a year and truly enjoyed every minute - I have a severe case of self-diagnosed ADD and therefore this lasting a year is quite impressive for me - besides my marriage and raising my kids this may be the longest I have stuck to anything consistently!  Not having time for a profound (like I ever have anything profound to say) post makes me wonder "What the heck" I was thinking a year ago agreeing to go to an all day workshop on learning to blog - just like today, it was the week before the fair, My Midget had Fashion Revue judging that day, Fashion Revue that night and both girls had photography due the next morning - but as I said in my very first post - I will jump in head first, full of enthusiasm and figure out the logistics of it later - but right now logistics are wearing me out so I am opting for the easy route today!

My Cowgirl is in her 7th year of 4-H and 7th year of photography, she chose to do:

  10 B&W's titled "Picturing The Past":

And a color salon:

My Midget is in her 3rd year of 4-H and 3rd year of photography, she did 10 color:

"Experiencing Color":

We also will turn in open class photography Friday night!


  1. 1st, happy 1 yr blogiversary!!!

    2nd, these are all great shots!! great job by your kids!

  2. These photos are great! Best of luck to the kids :)
    Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!

  3. Happy blog-iversary! I think 4-H photography is pretty profound myself! You will have to give us an update on which of the photos did the best. My son did 4-H photography. I still do open class entries. I'll be going back to the fairgrounds in a bit to see how they did. I love the moon and the corn, the swing, and the silhouetted barn shot in the B/W. The one of the lady at the carnival makes me smile. I also like the cowboy and the chalk numbers. I came home for a little bit to cool off after being the 4-H foods superintendent at our county fair today. GOOD LUCK to your kiddos!

  4. You have a very talented cowgirl and midget! These pictures are awesome!

  5. Happy 1 year Blogging Anniversary. I really like your Cowgirl's B & W picts! Good Luck to all at the Fair.

  6. I am so glad you are still blogging remember you picked the name of my blog. Picture are great. I didn't realize it has been a year. Congratulations to you and me

  7. Congratulations on one year. I am the same as you I have never stuck out anything but blogging seems to work for me also. I love your blog.
    That photography is AMAZING they are sure to win. I look forward to seeing the results. I cannot believe the talent.

  8. Great pictures! Can't wait to see them on display next week!

  9. Happy blogaversary and good luck to you kiddos! They are all great pix. Keep us posted on how they do on all their projects PLEASE!!

  10. Congrats on the year!
    I was thinking this week (during sewing judging) about how we had sewing and fashion review judging last year on the blog workshop day!
    Love that BW chicken photo!
    My daughter has photo judging tomorrow. She's doing a salon print of the St. Louis Arch.