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August 20, 2011

God is telling me to get my balls out!

It has been one of those mornings:
- the boy is upset his remote control helicopter won't fly right
- the middle got immunizations on Tuesday and swears she is still "dieing" today
-the oldest needs to go to the dr. for something minor and completely curable with antibiotics
-Chris has a million and one things to do including tearing up the floor in a farrowing barn and installing a new one before the next set of sows farrow, but is also still upset over the 5 gallon of paint he ran over with his truck and wasted - then the boy walked thru the paint and then walked thru the house!
- the kitchen is beyond disaster and disgusting
- the yard needs mowed but is brown, crunchy and on it's way to being dead - how that works I have no idea!
- WE NEED RAIN - although I was informed it wasn't going to do our crops much good now anyway!

Anyway I am sure you get my point without me going on and on!

But in the midst of all this I did sit down to check e-mail this morning (because that is what I do when I get overwhelmed - do something that is completely useless towards solving any of my problems!) and opened up an email requesting prayers be sent to North Dakota (yes now I am crying)!  You see I have been blessed to be a part of The Real Farmwives of America, I say blessed because it is a privilege that I am a part of because I also have the privilege of living and working on a farm, these girls (yes I will always be a girl) are amazing, some live and work on a farm, some live and work on a farm and also work in agriculture promoting it but we all love our way of life and the industry!  I'll be honest, I have not had the honor of meeting in person a lot of these girls but they all have blogs that I love and read, and it is funny how you feel you know someone from something like that (I hadn't expected that when I started this adventure) so today here is one I am asking that you check out, Wag'n Tales, they are a farm family in North Dakota who could use some prayers for their 2 year old son George - and if your not like me and put off the things that need done to hide in a corner and surf the net, just say a quick prayer - that works too and would be greatly appreciated!

So just like I tell my kids all the time, I think that God clearly said to me this morning:
 "Suck it up, Man up, Jennifer get your balls out of your purse and put them on - a flightless helicopter, dirty kitchen and a wasted 5 gallon bucket of paint is minor"

Also I think I heard him say to put down the computer and just clean the kitchen or that may of been Chris!


  1. Jen, you know how I began my blog. I too have been surprised by the invisible thread of connection I have begun to feel with people I will most likely never meet face to face. I will pray for George today, because I have begun to appreciate that our blogging and these invisible threads that connect us, is God working within his world, to bring about his kingdom...here within our midst. Many blessings to you and your family as well on this busy Saturday!

  2. Oh Jenn I am sorry you are having a bad day yes it seems to be going around. I am praying for George he looks so little curled up in that hospital be. We think we have problems but we don't have to look to far to see things are much worse for some. I do think blogging gets people top understand that and send prayers and help each other. I know my blogger friends have been a lifeline of listening for me. Take care things will get better. It is only paint. B

  3. I think Chris and Steve have the same voice. Val certainly is giving us some perspective isn't she? Sounds like George s a fighter, though, and he has plenty of help beside him if he needs it. Hang in there.

    We have about 500 acres of corn with parts looking like dropped toothpicks. A big storm about a month ago now came through with down bursts and just dropped a lot of corn down at 45 degree angles. Good news: it didn't break the stem so the corn is still growing and filling out well. Bad news: Not sure how we are going to get it up off the ground and in to the combine. Sounds like Lana might not be picking corn this fall. ;-) A steadier hand seems to be needed. We'll see. that might put me driving the auger wagon back and forth. Interesting..... Stay tuned. Silage is first!