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August 14, 2011

My Home Has History!

Every home does, we just happen to be lucky enough to know ours and have some pictures of it!
The picture above was probably taken around the turn of the century and the family in front is Chris' ancestors - but quite honestly when I look at this picture the front porch always attracts my attention - I have always loved porches and dreamed one day that I would live in a house with one!  I can only imagine the conversations, family time and memory's that happened on this porch - one we definitely know about is Chris' great grandparents were married on this porch, there was an article in the paper at the time (I have a copy somewhere!)

This is a picture I took of our home the day we took possession, Feb. 1992, the house and 2 acres had been out of the family for about 21 years and we were so lucky that it happened to come up for sale as we were house hunting!  But notice the beautiful porch is gone and replaced with a stoop!

Me removing the Christmas lights that were still hanging in Feb. when we bought the house!

Fall sometime in the late 90's (I am not very good at labeling pics)!

This was actually taken the day we started remodeling the house - October 2003, we had been talking about adding on to the house for a couple of years - 5 people in 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom that also doubled as a laundry room, 5 cabinets in the kitchen that were built by Chris' great grandpa when he installed indoor plumbing in the house. . . .
We had an architect draw up plans, we got an estimate from a builder, Chris had a heart attack at the amount said "NO", I had a heart attack because I really wanted to do the project, I spent the next few month's analyzing every expense that the contractor had itemized and then became my own general contractor and was able to convince Chris we could do this - we had started to arrange financing (but hadn't quite signed the papers) when one morning at breakfast in mid-October we had this conversation:

Me:  So harvest is gonna be a little late this year!

Chris: Yeah, we're ready to go but the corn isn't!

Me:  Don't suppose you want to start on the house?

Chris: Jennifer No, not with harvest soon to start, financing not in place - I promise we will do get to it I just can't promise when!

Me:  I know I know - but I am up for anytime just give me a couple days warning to clear out the kitchen!
(We were completely ripping the kitchen off the house!  Oh and the kids were 10 mo., 3, 7)

Chris:  I know believe me you'll have plenty of warning!

And he left to go feed the hogs!

He returned 1 hour later (seriously) and said:

"Hey Dad is on the way down here with the 4430, corn is too wet we are going to rip the kitchen off!"


But back to the front - one of my "few" requests was to put the front porch back on the house just as it originally was and while he was not happy about it Chris obliged!

This was one of the happiest days of my life - saying goodbye to that stoop - it always looked like a nose on the front of the house!

My girls standing on the roof!

Making the house whole again!

The front porch was the last thing we did, Chris and his Dad built it the summer of 2005 - this is Chris, Cole and Chris' Dad - Chris' Dad was measuring something on the roof and turned around and Cole was standing beside him - Cole had decided to just climb the ladder and see what was going on!

And here it is and I love it - I love to spend time with Chris and the kids on the porch, I spend time by myself out here - it is the reason for the name of my blog - last night we all sat out there and watched the storm roll in and today the weather was absolutely perfect for porch sitting and yes porch napping!


  1. What a story, history and LOVELY farm home. Absolutely stunning. I love my front porch and relish in the time on it.

  2. Love it! Here in the next year or so, I'm going to be in that exact position! I know our renovations will probably take a lifetime, but I can't wait to move into the Hubs' family homestead. ;}

  3. Wonderful story and it's great that you have the home's history. I do love a front porch myself. We jokingly say we'll NEVER be done with our home, there is always a remodel or addition going on. There's nothing wrong with progress and improvements. Just as I'm about to pull my hair out, hubby finishes and goes on to something else.

  4. Love the story and the history behind the house. How cool is it that relatives were married in that porch! Good call on building a new porch!
    The house that hubby and I were renting looks so similar to your house it's scary. And I had very little cupboard space in that house, too!

  5. When we remodeled our kitchen years ago, I cooked for wheat harvest with a crock pot, electric skillet and a microwave. It was quite an adventure to add remodeling with the busiest time of our farm year, but it was worth it in the long run! I loved the story of your porch and house!