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August 1, 2011

No Fungus Amoung'us!

At least that is the plan when you have your corn sprayed this time of year!  I was taking Casey's 4-H Photography project up to the state fairgrounds this morning and as I was getting on 65 a crop duster flew right overhead - they always give me goose bumps - I could watch them spray for hours!

These pics are of them spraying one of our fields around our hog barns a few days ago -

A good view of the spray bar!

A view of him coming into to start spraying, he is still coming lower, he is not quite over our field yet!

I was in the truck getting ready to leave when he came in to spray the rows closest to the drive, I just grabbed the camera and snapped - NO ZOOM - yes, the pilot waved and I saw his face clearly!

Aerial application is used this time of year because the corn is so tall.  We are having fungicide put on but you can also have insecticide applied.  It is becoming a lot more common to spray the corn during the later stages of growth - it is proving to really help plant health and therefore yield.


  1. I posted a couple of weeks ago our guys used a helicopter they came out of OK and were hired by our supplier. It is exciting to watch and noisy. Saw an article about a woman just got her license to pilot a spray plane. Maybe you could do that in your spare time

  2. The girls could sit and watch them for hours also. One was spraying by our house last year and it had to fly over the highway. Someone called 911 and said that a plane had crashed.

  3. Great photos. They were all over Iowa this weekend. Glad those plants can keep on growing strong.

  4. We LOVE watching the crop dusters! It is always a highlight of summer, I drop everything and sit on the front step to watch them swoop by over and over.

  5. We aren't having anything sprayed this year. Haven't had rain in about a month or more. So we really cant justify the cost if we don't have the yield
    judi @ farmnwife.com

  6. A nearby farm had theirs done last night and the boy loved watching the plane. Then we got a quit lesson from my farmer on what the plane was doing. Love the lessons!! Thanks for sharing yours too!!