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August 16, 2011

Yes I Am That Parent!

Not only are we that family but I am also that parent! 

You know the one that gets the "bad" parent letter every year from school because my child has missed so many days (I actually get one each year for each child - not braggin' just sayin'), never planning ahead and having to take the kid out of school for say, oh something like, immunization shots that we have had all summer to get!  Yep, that is what I am doing this first day of school - taking the middle kid out for an hour to go get those shots!  (Hi Ginger - I can see you rolling your eyes at me!)  Oh I knew about them, heck I even started at the beginning of the summer working on making an appointment for her to get them at our family dr., I made the appointment and everything!  But then my practical side kicked in (that doesn't happen very often) and I got to thinking about how much it was going to cost to have them done there (self - employed insurance, $11,000 deductible per family member, no well-child coverage - don't get me started) so I decided to go to the county health department for the $5 ones - well by the time I got a hold of the county nurse, had shot records transferred, fiddle-farted around and forgot to call to get the appointment, finally called the soonest they could get us in was Aug. 16 (today the first day of school), so here in a bit I have to go get her out of school to get her shots!  I am also that parent that will send my kid back to school after her shots, telling her to "be tough" "get your balls out" "man up" you can make it thru the rest of the day, good grief it's the first day!

The first day for my sophomore, 6th grader and 3rd grader!
I truly love these 3 and am so proud of the people they are becoming and the hard work they put into their education! (they take after their father!)

Disclaimer: because there are parents, my parents, my in-laws, friends and quite possibly CPS reading this at this point, I would like to clarify that my children may miss numerous days of school thru out the year but they are not days wasted laying in front of the TV and quite frankly almost no days are missed due to illness!  I feel that my kids can learn so much outside of school that missing a day here or there is not hurting but helping their education.  Our policy in this house is - If you are doing your very best in school (and now that we know they can, they have to be on the honor roll) than days spent helping on the farm, cattle shows, farm shows, and quality time with Chris and I are all acceptable as well as 1 "mental health" day a year!  They know in advance that all missed work has to be made up and that not all absences are excused by the school so they make the conscience decision!


  1. Love it! I once read an article from a school principle who said he always allowed excused absences for opening day of hunting season. He also held the philosophy that time spent with family was time well-spent. We need more like us!!

  2. Love the disclaimer. You are a great momma!

  3. When I was a kid growing up in western Colorado, the school district finally gave up and declared a hunting season vacation. We got several days off when deer hunting season opened. The district was tired of losing state funds for so many absences--many of the junior high and high school boys and many of the teachers always seemed to get "sick" at that time of year--I think the illness was called "buck fever."

    BTW - As a former teacher and the daughter and sister of teachers, I was the other kind of parent. Our son had almost perfect attendance all 13 years from K - 12 other than three days off for his grandmother's funeral in Colorado and a day and a half off for knee surgery, he might have missed 2 days of school in all 13 years. He was obviously a healthy kid. He even managed to have only a light case of chickenpox (this was before a shot was available) and that was in pre-school, so he didn't miss regular school for it. (Lillian Lane)

  4. Great post. My sister and I used to get lots of letters like this for the number of days we would miss due to farm related activities or going to cattle shows. The funny part was that they would also send your current grade report with it, my sister and I always had straight A's. Hope your family has a great school year.

  5. I think you are a great Mom. Education is not only taught in school.There is a wealth of information on a farm that will carry them easily through that easy school work. Hard work is hard work. Your kids are going to be just fine.
    Too bad about the shots being so expensive I can see why you would go to the clinic. We cannot afford private health insurance either but living in Canada thank goodness we are covered and have excellent services. B

  6. I love your disclaimer and that is exactly how me and my husband feel! We will probably battle the same thing as they grow up...and Iam actually looking forward to it!