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September 17, 2011

Because Eveyone Is Not The Same As Me!

Follow-up conversation with Emi Lou from yesterday!

So this morning as Lou rolls out of bed about 9am and wonders thru the house she casually starts this conversation:

Emi Lou:  So Mom I read your blog post!

Me: (slightly shocked, I didn't know she read my blog) Oh yeah - so do you still think I lay around all day watching TV, surfing the net and napping?

Emi Lou: Yep!

Me: ARE YOU SH*&ing me! (yes I said it) Did you read the WHOLE thing?

Emi Lou: Yep!

Me:  Well than I don't understand, who do you think does all the stuff around here?

Emi Lou:  You do Mom that is why you deserve to lay around all day while we are gone!

I knew she was beautiful and SMART - I just forget sometimes that we all don't think alike!


  1. Sometimes, you just have to smile and give them a hug. Great post!

  2. Such a smart girl! I guess she was originally wondering since you do so much when she gets home from school, what else is there left to do during the day!
    She sounds like a sweetie pie!

  3. Great that you are appreciated! My 9 year old just asked my hubby the other day- who works harder Mommy or Daddy? Luckily, he gave the right answer- Mommy! My 9 year old disagrees- she said she thinks he works much harder!! I only educate them at home, work on the weekends, run after a toddler, and try to get as much cleaning in that I can in between. Oh well, some day she'll appreciate me! :)

  4. Awesome!! You ARE appreciated!! Nice save Emi Lou!!