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September 20, 2011

Cleaner than my kitchen floor!

Seriously I think it is - which if you know me really doesn't surprise you at all!

We finished cleaning out the last bin of old corn this morning - I say "we" loosely as this one is technically the only one I helped with this year!  It didn't go quite as I planned but then rarely things do!

Last night Chris said to me "uh yeah gonna need your help in the morning cleaning out a bin, Dad is gonna take the load already loaded then you and I and Josh will take the other semi down to Marietta and clean out the bin and load it - we will need someone to load the semi and pull it up!"!

Well I will be perfectly honest - I was more than a tad bit excited - I was going to get to drive the semi - once again using the word "drive" loosely as in I was going to get to put the semi in gear and allow it to roll up slightly so that the corn didn't run over out of the trailer!  I was still excited!  You see one of the very first things I remember ever wanting to be when I grew up was a trucker, Yep that's right Ladies and Gentleman - A Trucker -  well that and a vet - but Chris says every little girl wants to be a vet at some point!  Anyway I feel I was pretty much prepared for anything - if the whole school thing wasn't my forte (which it wasn't, that and the fact that when I hear anyone throw up I throw up weak stomach thing) my plan of trucking across the USA was my American dream - and today that dream was gonna come true!  Now don't get me wrong Chris has been trying to get me to drive semi's for years and I have tried, the older one we had I was OK at driving but semi's are so long when you put a trailer on them and the newer ones we have I seem to give people whiplash in when I drive - I can't keep even pressure on the gas pedal and then my foot goes on and off the pedal - well it's just not pretty and after about 50 feet you just want to throw up!  And then there is the whole nightmare issue!  Yep ever since I was little my only recurring nightmare has been me driving a semi and the gas pedal gets stuck and I am careening out of control at a high rate of speed in a semi hauling a full grain trailer - I SWEAR this is true!

BUT TODAY WAS GONNA BE DIFFERENT- I was going to jump in the cab of that semi, put it into gear and put the hammer down slowly roll forward like I was a pro - needless to say I was EXCITED - So can you imagine the look on my face when we jump out of the truck at the bin and Chris looks at me and says the words:

"Crawl in the bin, you'll be in charge of the
broom sweeping up behind me!"

So I swept - and I am not kidding when I say that bin floor is cleaner than my kitchen floor!


  1. Oh my goodness! Chris is so mean!...just kidding. I wanted to be either a truck driver or a construction chic when I grew up!

  2. Well that sucks I was waiting for you to drive it I am as disappointed as you. :) B

  3. Sorry you didn't get to drive! Maybe next time?

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

  4. No Semi driving?? That stinks!! Maybe Chris was playing to your "strengths"?? Lol!! Maybe next time!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I removed it because I couldn't spell. Let's try again.

    It's false advertising, I tell you. It was the old bait and switch in an effort to get you to do a job that just might not be on the top of your list. Better luck next time!

  7. I can roll it forward if I have to, but I have NO desire to drive our semis much farther. Kudos to you though, my dear, for having such dreams. That sweeping job is kind of nasty, but when they bring those clothes in the house, how can your house be cleaner than the grain bin? Right there with you!

  8. Oh, do I remember being the "behind me" person with a broom. I sometimes think that and weaning/moving pigs from barn to barn is what messed up my lungs.

    I used to claim the farrowing barns were cleaner than my house. : )

    Good to see life remains fairly normal at your place.

  9. oh girl, that is to bad! must have been a "little bit" of a disappointment!

    but i'm sure your hubby was very happy!

    And i watch that show every now and then, the ice truck drivers, and that lady just AMAZES me, but i am sure you could do it!

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