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September 27, 2011

Conversations with Chris

I put this conversation on Facebook last night but there were further developements that I thought warranted this conversation to have it's own post!

Last night after supper Chris and I were sitting at the kitchen table talking  and he says to me:
"Since your getting up anyway would you bring me another beer?"

Ummm I wasn't getting up but I was feeling generous so I got up anyway and got him his beer, which requires a bottle opener - we are fancy around here, no twist off tops for us, well for him, I drink Boones Farm!  So I grab him a beer and the can opener laying on the counter and hand it to him - which prompts this conversation:

Chris: See this can opener?

Me: Yeah?

Chris: When I was a kid we never had one this big - it didn't have long handles like this one and was harder to use - see this can opener, this is luxery, this is how I spoil you!

WHAT?  I just walked away - and then laughed hysterically (but don't tell him!)

So anyway after lunch I decided to put some chicken and stuff in the crock pot for supper and am looking around for my "luxurious" can opener, which by the way was still laying on the table ( no one put it away - just sayin') so I pick it up and off-handedly say "Boy I am one lucky girl to have such a fine can opener" and he says "Yes you are!"  - grabs the camera and actually takes pictures of me opening a can - this is the same man that I have to hand the camera to and say outloud "Now would be a good time for you to take a picture of me!" decided that opening a can deserved a photo shoot!

Yes my kitchen is a mess but he did manage to get me in the picture and not just the can opener!


  1. These farmers just never cease to amaze us with their multiple talents :-)

  2. Gosh, maybe for your anniversary, he'll get you one of them-there rubber things to help open your jars!

  3. Girl, you are spoilt beyond belief. ;-)