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September 16, 2011

Conversations With My Kids!

Emi Lou Age 12

Emi Lou:  Mom, what do you do all day while we are at school?

Me: Oh you know take naps, lay around, surf the web

Emi Lou: Huh, well that makes sense!  I can't wait till I have kids and they go to school so I can lay around doing nothing all day like you Mom!

She seriously believed me and just walked away - who does she thinks puts the clean underwear back in her drawer to wear everyday?  Cooks the meals?  Picks up the dirty dishes she leaves in the living room?  Brings the snacks home from the grocery store?  Bakes the cookies that are waiting on her when she gets off the bus?  Mowed the grass?  Dropped everything to run and get parts for her Dad? 

Good thing she's beautiful!


  1. LOL! you'll have to print out this post and save it for her one day...

  2. I tell my kids the same thing on a regular basis!! "It's a good thing you're cute!!" LOL!!

  3. I am still waiting to do that. Good luck kid. :) B

  4. That's pretty cute. I love the way kids think.

  5. I remember all 4 of us riding in a tractor cab on our way to feed cattle during a blizzard. My son was probably 3 years old. He looked at me and said, "Mommy, you get to work today!" I looked at his father and said, "Talk to your son!"

  6. I get the same comments from my boys! "mom why do we have to go to the grocery store?? can't you go on your day off?" me: "well honey Mom works all day, don't get off til the bus drops you off" Kyle: "well, can't you go after Dad gets home while we're playing?" me: "no, supper and homework...guess I could go late after you go to sleep" kyle: "ok, that works" grrrr..good thing he IS cute! LOL