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September 29, 2011

A Different Perspective!

Why when I see a pile of gravel do I feel compelled to climb to the top,

then run back down and get my camera and run to the top again?

I looked all around, the view wasn't all that different -

I really couldn't see over the farrowing barn any better than before,

I could still see right into the compost pile, but the sun was pretty,

Chris was getting the pressure washer set up so I could wash yet another barn,

but I could make a great shadow and wave at myself and then I felt inspired to belt out one of my all time favorite songs - High On A Mountain Of Love by Charlie Pride - it made complete sense at the time and it made me smile!

It was a different perspective!


  1. made me laugh, and i so agree with you!

  2. Did you shout, I'm King of the World. Pretty picture of the crops.

  3. I love the idea of looking at life with a renewed perspective. Did you get the email that was being sent about the neighbors hanging out their laundry?

  4. Jen, thanks for yet another smile. : )

  5. I like the pic of your in motion shadow.