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September 26, 2011


I love that word - my Mom uses it all the time - it is a funny word - go ahead say it and I dare you not to at least smile - now try saying it 3 times fast and I bet you giggle!  If you didn't try saying "discom'boob'ulated" if your not laughing now there is just something wrong with you!

Anyway that is how my day has gone or I have felt:

Ever have one of those dreams where in the dream you are asleep and dreaming?  All night last night!  And then you would finally be able to wake yourself up but then realize that you are only awake from your dream dream but still dreaming??????  It drives me insane!

Then I decide to take the dishwasher apart and clean it (not in my dream or dream dream but in real life)!  Am I the only person who takes their dishwasher apart to clean it and then take the pieces down to the shop at the hog barns to wash it with the pressure washer? (Insert you might be a Redneck if:)  Just sounds weird to take something out of my house to the hog barns to get it cleaner than it is in my house - that is the story of my life!  And if a dishwasher is supposed to clean dishes why should I have to clean the dishwasher, can't it keep itself clean?

I am sure this is just me but I dirtied 3 pans heating up leftover chili for lunch! Seriously!  I had heated up a little for Casey to take in her lunch in one pan, thought well that would be good for lunch, so I added the rest but that pan seemed too small so I dumped it into the next size pan and decided that it could use some doctoring up so I added a few things only to have that pan overflow and have to dump the whole thing into the next size pan!  3 pans to heat up leftover chili!

I spent 2 hours in the Verizon store just to add one line - really is it that hard!  Oh and while we are sitting in the Verizon store my MIL is talking on her Verizon cell phone to my FIL on his Verizon cell phone and the connection is dropped - seriously they are taking forever to just add a line and trying to talk me into spending more on a better plan all while they are dropping calls on their devices in their store!  The guy was very helpful but it was just weird!

I asked the boy to mow the grass last week - he informed me he was too busy with harvest - so I mowed it Friday - I get home from the Verizon store and the boy is whipping around the yard mowing the grass - I told him I just mowed it Friday, he said "Yeah but it's too wet to combine" - WHAT?   I just walked away!

A gutter salesman shows up to give me an hour long speech that he gave me 2 mo. ago but swears he has never been here before - he says that he talked to my husband earlier today so I called Chris and he took care of it - by ordering gutters from the guy!!!!!!!!

The oldest had "WAY" to much homework tonight to go to piano lessons but caught her up in her room watching 'The Wiggles' - WHAT THE HECK?  I just walked away!

After the boy's fiddle lessons I wanted to run to Wal-Mart for just a few things - I do believe everyone in Johnson County had decided the same thing - I really think that is the most crowded I have ever seen that Wal-Mart - 6pm on a Monday evening!

I was just told I will need to wash the other finisher tomorrow afternoon so now I need to go wash my water-proof pants that I bought on my big shopping spree last week - yeah that's right my big shopping spree consisted on Chris sending my to Columbus to get an auger motor fixed IMMEDIATELY, but the guy that was supposed to fix the motor didn't feel the urgency that I felt - he was not nice to me, I was told I would have to wait an hour and a half in not so kind terms so to appease me Chris said I should treat myself to something special at the Outlet Mall while I waited - credit card in hand and ready to spend I marched in and out of a dozen stores only to walk away with water-proof pants off the clearance rack to wash hog barns in!  On the bright side they worked wonderfully Saturday when I washed the other finisher!

It's a glamorous life -
but somebody has to live it so why not me?


  1. And I just had a boring day at work in front of my computer!

  2. How old are your fiddle players? My five year old is very intersted in learning how to play.

  3. I love your new purchase I always by something like that too. I always make sure it will take grease and stains very well so I can wear it through at least one or two seasons. :)
    You have a good life just like I do I love it. B

  4. Mondays often discombobulate me. And it won't surprise you to learn that my Dad LOVES that word ;-)

  5. I would really like encourage you to wear a face-shield when pressure washing...

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