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September 7, 2011

This time I am going to hold it till everyone is gone!

I love our farm (have I said that before) - I really do and I am so proud of the hard work my In-laws and Chris put into it to make it viable, our farm solely supports 2 family's and 1 full time employee,  So when the National FFA Organization called and asked if we would  be willing to be one of their Career Success Tours I immediatly said "Hell Yeah Us?  Wow, that would be an honor!"

I love farm tours - when I was a kid my parents had several different farm tours - you know back in the day - the good ole' days - the 70's!  They always offered house tours so "the women had something to do as well" - farm tours were fun when I was a kid, now they are just hard work - back then I had no concept how hard my parents had to work to get ready for those tours!  I remember them all fondly, except for one!

The 1978 Indiana Farm Management Tour - this one just makes me hang my head and giggle!

I was 8 years old, it was July, people were touring our home farm with our shop and equipment, our grain facilities and "for the women" a tour of our recently remodeled farm home!

Here is the description from the guide book of our home:

Note the part:
      -Down the circular stairway to the lower level . . . . .
                 to the part that says
       -The farm office with bath is easily accessible to the patio entrance.

The tour started upstairs, thru the "entrance, with a place for sewing and book storage", into the kitchen, the master bedroom, the dining room with "a fantastic view of the farm fields and woods along Sugar Creek" (don't you wonder who writes this stuff?) then onto the "children's bedroom wing" then down stairs - my point here is that there was some time spent upstairs before heading down - it was later in the day and the "farm wife" crowd was dwindling, I said to my Mom "I really have to go to the bathroom!" - I pause now because you are either:
 - laughing because you know where this is headed
  - you should re-read the above layout of the home for further understanding

Here is where I will tell you that I was stylin' that day - sporting my all yellow with white trim one-piece terry cloth romper, pigtails and white thong sandals - by 1970's standards I was one cute 8 year old, if I do say so myself!

For those of you who were not fortunate enough to own or know what a "romper" is:

this is exactly the style mine was that day - all ONE piece, elastic waist, ties on each shoulder

So I have said to my Mom that I really need to pee - she says "OK go down stairs to the office bathroom, I will stall the next group as long as possible"!

From that moment until the bathroom door flew open is really nothing but a blur - I do recall hearing my Grandmother say the words:  "And this is Stephen's office, he and Bobbie keep all the farm books here - and it even has an attached bathroom . . ." and the door swings open and I am sitting on the toilet with my snazzy one-piece terry cloth romper and flowered underwear dangling around my ankles while my Grandmother and about 15 "farm wives" are staring at me naked as a jay bird takin' care of business!  It seemed like forever until my Grandmother fully comprehended that she needed to close the door - I am glad it was near the end of the day because I spent the rest of the tour hiding in the furnace room "where there is plenty of storage shelves, a furnace as well an efficient wood-burning stove capable of heating the entire 2 level home and a space just big enough for an embarrassed 8 year old girl to hide"!

So here we are about a month and half from said tour and it is time for me to kick it into high and get some work done but at the top of my list is the reminder:

Pee before the tour and then hold it till everyone is gone!


  1. I love your story. Those ladies probably thought you were cute as a button sitting there. You probably would have gotten a lot of smiles, hugs and pinched cheeks if you had of come out of hiding!

    Oh my gosh..the romper! I owned too many of them. One in every color..plus some! I guess my mom thought it would be cheaper and easier to clothe me with a one piece outfit!

  2. Congratulations., This story is hilarious I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.Good luck B

  3. Thanks for the laugh today. And, yes, I, too, had some of those rompers (even though I'm older than you). For awhile in my 20s, there was a fashion trend for one-piece get-ups that required totally undressing to do necessary business. It was never a good idea!

  4. 1. My sisters and I had matching green rompers and even modeled them in a fashion show. 2. I laughed out loud! 3. Good luck with your tour.

  5. I am so glad this memory makes you laugh! The world is much more fun when we can laugh at ourselves and the things that happen to us.

    You and your brother Chris could get together and discuss clothing from the 70s. He still cringes when he sees pics of himself in those plaid pants!

  6. Too funny! I always wanted a romper - but not so much after reading this! ;)

  7. Hey! Did you know when you came and looked at calves that we followed each others blogs? That's so awesome...I would have loved to talk to you..

  8. One thing about living on a farm day to day, so where along the way you are going to lose your dignity, and it will probably involve going to the bathroom. LOVE your story and good luck with your tour!

  9. DANG! That should have been "some where..." Silly fingers!