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October 10, 2011

Beans To Wheat

My favorite field is the one around our house - I love the days that they work in this field, tilling, planting, spraying, harvesting, and spreading manure on it - all of it!  This year it was in soybeans

This was taken Oct 1 - Chris and his Dad debating if the field is ready to run.

All of our soybeans are hauled directly from the field to Bungee in Indianapolis.

I do believe a consensus was reached - we are running the field.
I love this day and dread it - I love the anticipation of them working around the house and I love the few days it takes to run this field - but once it is done they are done working around the house!  But this year I got a few extra day this fall because we planted wheat in this field - which means next summer they will harvest around the house and then all summer and next winter they will be hauling manure on this field - yes even that makes me happy to see!

The very dry summer (July and August) were pretty hard on the crops - the yields for both corn and soybeans have been all over the boards - even within the same field - good black dirt is still yielding really well  but the other ground not so much.

Once the soybeans were harvested we spread fertilizer on the ground - this was done on Oct. 3.

The next day (Oct 4) we turbo tilled the wheat stubble and then ran the chisel plow over the ground to make a nice seed bed for the wheat seed.

And planted the wheat (Oct 4) - one day after the Hession Fly Free Date!

And today Oct. 10 the wheat is up!
I find that amazing!


  1. I'm hoping my beans were harvested this morning. I love this time of year.

  2. I also love it when we are working in the fields by the house! Thanks for the pictures of your soybeans. I have never seem them grown. And it is so awesome to watch a new grain field turn green. I love learning about the different farm stuff from your blog. Thank!!

  3. I was just watching the soybean being harvested today. It is so dry here I could not see the combine it was surrounded by dust. Great post. B

  4. We have wheat coming not planted yet. Love to see the green in the winter

  5. The photos add so much to the description of the process, and the "lilt" in your blogging voice lets us know how much you love farming. Congrats on your link to Bennie !!

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