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October 31, 2011

Farm, Party, Farm, Party, Farm, Party

Really - that is exactly how my weekend went - not too bad I thought!

So Friday Chris and I got to work together - doesn't happen much we are usually going different directions - but he ran the combine and I ran the grain cart!

When the boy got home from school he hitched a ride in a semi and joined us!

He of course joined his Dad in the combine - that is cooler than the grain cart!

But the first time the combine came back around he was already in the drivers seat!
Interestingly I have now run the grain cart for 3 generations of Campbell guys running the combine!

Then when the middle got home from school she hitched a ride in a semi and joined the fun!

And of course once she learned the boy had got to drive the combine she had to have her turn!

Then she got a hold of my camera while I was fueling the tractor and took 42 pictures (not exaggerating I counted) of me doing it!

That evening we then went to Annual Duckworth Halloween Party!

Saturday came and it was back to the field!
But today the boy decided "it was time" for him to learn to run the grain cart unloading on the go!

Saturday night we spent celebrating a good friend turning 40!  The kids stayed home watching their favorite Disney movies and Chris and I had a really good time!
Friday and Saturday the oldest spent at FFA State Soils Contest - her team placed 8th in the state and she placed 19th individual - I couldn't be prouder!

Sunday was back to the field followed by country style trick or treating - we went with my nieces and nephew and covered 3 houses (Great Grandma Pearl's, my in-laws and my parents) in 2 hours - and just like every year we ended at my Mom and Dad's where Mom has chili and all the fixin's for everybody!

Stay tuned for my next post: 
 Conversations with Chris - transmissions and chicken -
and a compliment only a farmer could give!


  1. Right there with you. The girls road Saturday, then I ran them in to town for the town Halloween trick or treat stuff, then I ran the combine today until 3:30, ran home, grabbed the girls, got them all costumed up again to go to a small town gathering we love to go to, and then home to scrub it all off for church in the morning. One is Saint Cecelia for All Saints Day and the other one is reading. Never a dull moment.

    I have to tell you I had angels on my shoulders and tears n my eyes as I finally was able to get behind the wheel of the combine on my grandparents farm. It just meant the world to be to be there, and it felt like they were along for the ride. Grandpa would have had a heart attack if he were alive and saw what the field made today, but in heaven, I am sure he and Grandma are tickled and proud as can be. Times sure have changes but never the memories.

    We are down to about 400 acres I think. Hope the weather holds until we are D-U-N! Be safe out there!

  2. Oh I love this post. Work and play all wrapped up in family love. Wonderful. 42 pics really? she is going to be a photographer. B

  3. I can't wait until my girls are older & I can spend more time in the fields. Right now all I get to do is deliver lunch. Mel will ride for hours on end. B will only wide for about 2 rounds. Ugh!! Glad to see you are getting along well!!

  4. I love weekends little that. I little farm and a little fun. Love their costumes!

  5. Operating those huge vehicles must be a lot of fun.