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October 25, 2011

Fried Chicken and My Boots

So for 24 of the past 36 hours I have been running the grain cart - I am tired and slap happy, one might say I also have 'cab' fever (think cabin fever but I am in the 'cab' of a tractor - get it - I love when I crack myself up!)!

So anyway once I start getting slap happy I have to find ways to entertain myself, I can only sing along to the radio for so many hours and chit chat with my FIL on the 2 way radio for so long before I have heard the same songs a hundred times and annoy my FIL - so I choose to send random texts to my friends and take pictures between semi's making the 14 mile trip home to dump and then back out to the field!

So the texting started about 4pm yesterday - let me just start out by saying that if I had a real job and someone like me kept sending annoying random texts I might not find them so funny but then I am on this end so I just keep sending them because I think I am funny!

I started craving fried chicken and mashed potatoes, not KFC, but real homemade fried chicken with homemade mashed potatoes and creamy gravy with bits from frying the chicken in it so I texted this to Chris:

Yeah since your close to the house not really doing anything but dumping trucks, running the dryer and trying to haul manure could you whip up some homemade fried chicken mashed potatoes and gravy?

He ignored me - go figure!

So I texted the oldest:

 Really craving homemade fried chicken mashed potatoes and gravy could you fix that for supper please?

She replied immediately:

Already on it but burnt it so we will have to get something from town!

I am just guessing here but I got the impression she was being sarcastic!

So I started texting my friends, one was sick in bed so I gave her a pass, the other was at a kids thing but offered to pick up KFC - nice thought but not what I was looking for, one actually was having fried chicken from Kroger and offered to feed me - had I known at the time I would be eating a grilled cheese and glass of milk at 10:30pm I would of made her bring it to the field!

So here I am today with my butt in the same tractor seat and still sending annoying texts to my friends!

Today's text's started with:

I am tired of squatting to pee and I still want homemade fried chicken mashed potatoes and gravy!
I only heard back from one of them who sent back "LOL" - I am pretty confident that is not code for "will have it ready and waiting when you get home" - and the other two are ignoring me!

So once again I am down to playing with my camera between semi's!

Yesterday I wore my pointy toed boots and today my fat baby's - if it doesn't rain tonight I am going to wear my Red Wing's tomorrow - I can just feel your excitement and anticipation for those pics!  I have to say I am kind of partial to the pointy toes - but we will wait for the Red Wing pics for the final verdict - also it is not that easy taking creative pics of your own feet - just sayin'!


  1. My favorite is the two boots with the yellow tractor rim behind them, though the pointy-toed boots pointing to the field is a close second. It's a little far for me to bring you chicken, and even though I'm a decent cook, fried chicken isn't something I'm particularly good at, so maybe you wouldn't have wanted to eat mine anyway. You can tell yourself that! Good luck with harvest! Our milo harvest was over in less than 2 days. Sad but true.

  2. I love your fat baby boots and look forward to the red wings. You poor baby I can't believe no one brought you homemade chicken and mashed potatoes.
    You make me laugh and that is a great thing.
    Feet pics always do it for me Is that weird? :) B

  3. Oh you are funny! I know the feeling though.

  4. Great boots and love the pictures! Its something I would do in my spare time also...lol!

  5. Cool pictures! My first thought when I saw the thumbnail on Facebook was "That's a John Deere clutch pedal!"

  6. Wish I lived closer! I was in the combine last night for while, but we have been experiencing "technical difficulties" most of today. I whipped up some sausage gravy and biscuits for lunch, homemade! From scratch! I would have shared! So I have to know what Pez dispenser you have! I saw that they were your secret must have on MaryBeth's post!

    Hang in there!

  7. You are doing a important job They have to have a driver. It rained now we don't get to see the redwing boots. I like the round toe boot.pointed ones hurt my feet Hang in there