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October 16, 2011

Where Oh Where to begin. . . .

The past few weeks have been hectic and busy, which is normally how I function best!  We have been harvesting and also getting ready for National FFA Career Success Tours on our farm and also trying to get next years show calves gathered and attend school and get ready for the FFA area soils contest and . . . . .

But let's just go back as far as last Wednesday - we spent the whole day finishing up our last 75 acres of beans, it was a beautiful day and things rolled along smoothly.

Awww sweet - by Friday night I wasn't sure we would still be married much longer!

We finished up this farm about 5:30 p.m. and headed home with all the equipment by 8:30 I had the kids settled and ready for the school the next day back at my in-laws and Chris and I took off in the truck and trailer headed for Rockford, Illinois to pick up a heifer!  We made it to El Paso, IL before we stopped for the night about 11:30.  Back up and on the road by 6am the next morning, made it to Winnebago, IL and heifer loaded and back on the road - pulled into home at 4:30pm and unloaded mine and the boys beautiful heifer named Winnie!

Friday we ran corn, I tried to find the house under all the mess that had been accumulating, pulled up the cows out of the pasture so I could wean the last heifer and bring her home and got the barn ready for the show steers coming in from Peru that evening.  We also had a good friend (Thanks Bruce) come out to band two of our bull calves - he let me do it - I know the bulls weren't excited but I really enjoyed learning how to band!  We also wormed everybody and gave some sulphur boluses.  We also assembled 70 bags of corn, soybean and pork information for our FFA tours next week.  We were bringing the heifer home at about 5:30 when the call came that Danny was about 30 minutes out with the steers - so I left the heifer in the trailer moved calves around to make a pen for the steers.

Aww yes three happy kids, three scared steers by dark I thought they would never be happy again.

Look at that smile - I wiped that right off her face in less than an hour.

The sun was setting, it was beautiful!
I came in the house for a few minutes and posted on Facebook -
"So happy - my barn is full again"

Went back out to the barn to move cattle around so that we could feed for the evening - Casey says I jinxed myself for posting that on Facebook but I think it was just a really stupid error on my part!

Stay tuned - it goes downhill fast - there is drama, injury, pig chasing, cattle corralling, cowboys on horseback, calf wrestling and a whole lot of tears and an amazing set of neighbors and friends!


  1. You are amazing. I know the end of this story...and I am so happy for you!

    I hope you get some good rest tonight!

  2. Wow you are one busy lady I am tired just reading this. I can't wait to read more but I am going to rest up for that. I hope everyone is OK.B

  3. It seems to start so good. I don't know why it seems like everything goes wrong at once. I hope everything is okay now.

  4. Can't wait for the following story. Bad or good it will be exciting!!!! Hope the injuries were minor

  5. After reading your comments, I am soooo happy there is a happy ending to all of this. It is just too easy to lose your mind for a minute with all the chaos of harvest going on PLUS the added stress of getting the farm ready for company during "high tide." Don't be so hard on yourself. All's Well that Ends Well as Mr. Shakespeare told us. As long as everyone survive, all IS well. ( I also hear you about the not sure how long we will be married part. That happens around here usually twice a year: harvest & planting season. OYE!)

  6. I love this. Can't wait to see the rest. Congrats on the first banding experience. I hope everything falls off properly:)