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November 24, 2011

I am Thankful . . .

. . .for these 3 turkeys!

. . .that they love homemade gingerbread cookies for breakfast as much as I do!

. . .that my Mom put ice cream in my hot chocolate when I was little no matter what time of day it was so that I could do it with my kids!

. . .for my friends and our traditions, Bloody Mary's on Thanksgiving morning!

. . .for the family that I married into, that they still gather as an extended family and eat dinner together - even if there is always that one crazy cousin (Hi Jim!!!!).

. . .that my Mom still hands me the spatula, beaters and bowl to lick after she mashes the potatoes!

. . .that the house is loud when our family gathers at my parent's, we still laugh and have fun while the kids run around and play!

. . .for Chris, he loves me unconditionally and is my very best friend in the whole world!

I truly hope that everyone feels as blessed as I do every single day!


  1. I'm thankful for you too mom! Its great to know that I have a wonderful family and great friends! I love you!
    <3 Casey

  2. you are a very lucky lady remember you get what you give. Just enjoy all those little things.