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November 2, 2011

I sat on my kitchen floor and cried this morning!

I did - as I was drinking my Diet Dr. Pepper out of a measuring cup (the only thing clean - at least I am pretty sure it was) and eating my Chips Ahoy cookies (yes the breakfast of champions), I suddenly realized I was sitting on the floor of my filthy kitchen crying!

I AM TIRED!  I reached up on the counter and re-read this article that my Mom had sent me in the mail - it just so happened to arrive yesterday - perfect timing - just the cut out article with a post-it note on it that said "Didn't know if you had seen this - Love, Mom"!

As I sat on the kitchen floor reading this I was still wearing my pajamas and Carhartt jacket from going out to feed the 8 calves (6 of which still need broke before Hoosier Beef Congress in a month!) - the house is a disgusting disaster - seriously - the other day the boy said "Mom just call Merry Maids" I laughed out loud and said "Merry Maids would run screaming from this place"!

But we are 40 acres from being finished with harvest which is wonderful and should be finished today (unless I just jinxed us by saying that), we are healthy and a good cry always makes me feel better - so I am going to get my balls out of my purse and put them on - maybe I will even change the sheets that haven't been changed since way before fair week - yeah that made me laugh because I probably won't - I love it when I crack myself up!


  1. Was that article in last week's Farm World? I so need to read that! I am glad that I'm not the only one feeling the stress and I don't do nearly as much farm work as you do. Yet it is sooo hard when the kids are little. Keep your chin up. We're all in this together! Hope to see you at the Brown Bag next week???!!!;0)

  2. A good cry is always good for a woman's soul. But I did laugh out loud at the sight of you drinking DDP from a measuring cup. Priceless. Good luck with the calf wrangling too.

  3. Isn't that an awesome column?! I love Melissa Hart- and she's right - farmwives are very special and deserve to be told so and appreciated! And thanks so much for featuring a Farm World article on your blog too! Here is the link to the article online ... http://www.farmworldonline.com/News/ArchiveArticle.asp?newsid=13339

  4. I would come drink DDP with you on a dirty floor our of a dirty measuring cup any day!! I worry about people with clean houses!!

    Big hug!!

  5. Hang in there mama! My kitchen floor has seen a many of my tired tears!

  6. OK this is the nicest thing any one has ever wrote about me. Seriously I really think is about me.Just kidding I am so happy to read an article like that. We need to hear it. They whom ever they are need to hear it.
    You are almost done and I think a good cry and cookies and Dr Pepper for breakfast of course are needed in these special circumstances.
    Don't worry about your house it will get done.
    I just wanted to tell you I used to clean peoples houses before I was a farmer and you would not believe the things I have cleaned. Your son is right call them. :) or call me:) I can come after chores and my house are done oops may be awhile.
    Take care and hopefully you will be writing about drinking out of a clean glass with your feet up still eating cookies and Dr. Pepper very soon. SMILE. B

  7. Love it! Just know you are not alone, although I've never been creative enough to think of a measuring cup! I'da just drank right out of the 2 liter bottle! Thanks for remiding me I'm not alone - and it all gets better eventually! Have a great day!

  8. Thank You SOOOO much for posting that!! I think all farm wives need a copy of that to hang the wall!

  9. I think it sounds perfectly normal. I go through that same type of "overwhelmed" occasionally. Hope the cry helped, and I don't really know of anyone that actually died from a messy house.

  10. LOVE that article, and I am right there with you. I have a "day off," today, but my desire to do housework is about as high as my desire to run a marathon.

    We just moved to our last field, kind of, and the rain is moving up the road according to radar. we still have a little 40 acre double crop bean field to cut, and some custom work to do for a farmer south of us (get his corn picked, about 150-200 acres). JD peeps had to take our corn head to fix it, so we are working with one that isn't quite like ours and has some unique qualities. Bottom line is it works, and I may learn how to run the auger cart this weekend. Hope to be done with that 160 before the next rain hits!

    HUGS to you and hope we get to see each other on the 10th! I think we all need to bond and take a break. Is 10:00 a.m. too early to start drinking? ;-)

  11. LOved the article, makes me want to subscribe again to the Farmers Advance which has Melissa's articles in them, then I would get to read more of her writing, she does have a blog, Melissa Hart the Knolltop Farm Wife.
    I am a new reader to your blog and like it!
    take heart, harvest will be over soon!

  12. I think I might have to look back on this post for motivation. Don't worry you will get everything done. Harvest is completed now, and the kids will help with Halter Breaking! Good luck.

  13. I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one that has those moments in the midst of the fall work run, and I sympathize with you at the same time. Will be praying for and your family. If I lived closer I would bring over more Dr. Pepper and cookies and help out for a few hours!

  14. You do the IMPORTANT stuff. Your kids are happy. You and your hubby are still cute as all get out. You guys obviously laugh alot. The other stuff is just that, stuff. You do more before I get up in the morning than I do all day. You are truly a wonder(woman)!!

  15. Dude, my kitchen floor (carpet) was so dirty I decided it was beyond cleaning and I ripped it out today. It was cathartic. I've also started referring to Silas as Swifter.