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November 27, 2011

It's the way we roll, I have come to accept it!

Well I pulled my Mom card yesterday and insisted we were taking family pictures!  It is never met with smiles and shouts of joy but I have learned to ignore it - so in a matter of 30 minutes I snapped 71 pictures of my family to end up with 1 - yes just 1 - good one, but then I really only needed 1!

A got my camera last year for Christmas and the very first thing I bought to go with it was a remote - I had spent years taking family pics with the self-timer - it only proved to aggervate the family pic situation and wear me out running back and forth - so I love my remote control!

So while I set the camera up all I ask is that they sit still so that when I am ready I merely have to place myself in the picture - these are the ones I snapped while setting up the camera -

Having some trouble deciding when the remote was working - obviously holding it up, pointing at the camera makes it work!

Truly the funniest thing about this pic is that it wasn't posed, they didn't know I was pushing the button, I really didn't know what I was taking a pic of - I was just checking to make sure it was centered!

Chris taking his turn with the remote - everyone had to have a turn - none of us are good at non-chalant!

Cole's turn at the remote!

Aren't the holidays fun!!!!!


  1. Hey, you accomplished more than I ever could!
    My husband REFUSES to sit for pictures, but he'll spend all day taking them.

  2. I so need a remote... half of my family pics have my hair swooshing from me running into place! Love your props BTW!

  3. I'm going to have to look into that remote idea. I'm never in the pictures! You know a mother's work is never done ;-)

  4. I need a remote!!! The second to last is my fave. Glad you were finally able to round everyone up!

  5. These are so funny but they are showing lots of love. I love all of them. You lucky girl to have such a great family. Keep snapping you will get one perfect one someday. You make me laugh. B

  6. I don't think I need a remote...I'll just keep having you take our pictures :-) Those last two are great!

  7. haha i love the pictures! no posing indeed!

    My sister has a camera with a timer, so she has to run to her spot to be in time.... you get pretty funny pictures that way too...

    big hugs