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November 3, 2011

Transmissions and Chicken and Manure

A conversation with Chris!

So this past weekend Chris and I got the chance to work together - he as the combine operator (when a kid wasn't trying to push him out of the drivers seat) and myself as the grain cart operator - we filled a semi and decided to head in towards the bins with it, meet the other semi coming back to the field and switch - so being in the semi together gave us time for some meaninful conversation!

I will go straight to the meat of the conversation and skip the prelimineries:

Chris:  We really need to get busy hauling manure - the pits are getting full!

Me:  I have told you before I will do it!

Chris:  The way we have it set up the hoses are really heavy and I am not sure that you could lift them plus you end up with manure all over you and it just doesn't seem right to ask you to do that!

Me:  Well you can't say I haven't offered, who else is there?

Chris:  With the spreader being on that older tractor you really have to be careful shifting and not ruin the transmission - which reminds me I didn't really know how to word this but . . .

Me: great what?

Chris:  I have been watching you shift the tractor when you come up beside the combine and I just have to say that I can see the whites of your fingertips when you shift!

Me: Ummmm OK

Chris: That's a good thing. Yeah, it means that you know when to shift and the transmission slides easily into gear, you are not shoving it into gear!

Me: Wow Thanks, but let me get this straight - the other night when I made homemade fried chicken that you said "looked, smelled and tasted like someone's Grandma walked into our kitchen and made it - but I hate chicken on the bone and it just tasted to chickeney" but when I can shift a tractor and you can see the whites of my hands you are amazed?

Chris: Yep pretty much!

Me: Well OK then, are you ready to admit I drive with my butt?

Chris:  Not Yet!

Well it took 20 years to get that compliment, it may take another 20 years to get him to admit I can drive with my butt - I am willing to wait!

Nice call on recognizing the John Deere clutch pedal by


  1. Somewhere in the manuals of all that equipment, they need to slip in some "Ways to say nice things to your wife" OR "This filter can also be placed over your mouth when talking about your wife's cooking or other conversation topics that might 'unintentionally' offend her."

    Farmers! Oye! ;-) Keep on haulin'!

  2. Better yet, photocopy that article your mom sent you and tape it to the combine window before he gets in tomorrow! ;-)

  3. Well it is nice to get those compliments. I can shift too LOL
    I used to never hear these compliments and sometimes wondered if he even noticed I can do most anything around the farm I gave up worrying about compliments and just kept going.
    We went to a Christmas Party for his construction buddies and they all ran up to greet me they said So you must be so and so ?? talks about you all the time how you can drive all the equipment, handle the cattle etc etc. Fix what is broke. I was blown away I never knew he noticed let alone brag to these work guys I almost cried. I never worry about compliments again I guess he really does notice. True story it made me very happy. B

  4. I think I was grumpy when I commented the first time. It IS good that he sees what you are doing and knows you are doing it right. I think I was putting my grrrrs out for when I do all that, come inside, cook supper, and someone at the table, usually the girls but sometimes Tall Guy grumps about how something isn't just quite right. I'll take a happy pill before I comment next time! ;-)